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Well, we made it. Kind of. 2021 is coming to an end and we're plodding into 2022. 

For something different, a sweet distraction, I thought I'd do a year-end wrap-up. Reflect on the best films we've experienced and the worst movies we've endured. We've watched over 30 films in 2021 and I've selected the five best, and five worst from that list.

I know what you're thinking: That you could just go through my highest and lowest rated films and then you're good to go. 

The best is not necessarily 5/5 and the worst isn't always 1/5. 

Stay with me, readers, while I provide new little tidbits and insights into what we put before our eyes. 

First, one rule...

To qualify for the Best Of list, I have to have watched it for the first time in 2021. That's why Devil In Miss Jones is not on this list. It's not fair.

This rule does not apply to Worst Of.

Second, this is not a ranked list. I'm doing it alphabetically to keep things on a level playing field.

So, let's begin, shall we?

The Top Five Films Watched in 2021...

Original Score: 5/5
Why it's on this list: It was a fun, short, memorable experience.

Not much to be said about this one that hasn't already been said. 

It was an exquisite way to kick-off Nunvember 2021, and bridged the space nicely between Halloween films and Nunsploitation. It was overstuffed with style, the props were crafted with love and care, and Nat Portnoy fully lets go of any shyness and makes you believe she is possessed by a demon of lust. Her helpless thousand yard stare is beyond perfection. I still wish it was longer, but if you need a quick sexy adventure, watch this! You won't be disappointed.

Original Score: 4/5
Why it's on this list: It took me on a journey.

I was still feeling the weight of the world in March, and in October 2020 I sort of dropped the ball at the end of the year because of  the state of everything. But, I picked myself back up, dusted off this site, and started again. Primary was one of the first big things I watched in 2021 and I was reluctant to tackle the task of watching four hours of swingers and relationship drama. It was so good, it carried me along with it.

Casey Calvert had written and directed 3-dimensional characters with feelings, thoughts, dreams and rich inner lives. It's very well acted, but admittedly some actors are better than others. It tackles enthusiastic consent in a sexy, fun way and grapples with jealousy, longing and the difference between love and lust. It explores boundaries, and staying safe in open relationships. It almost sounds like I'm describing an educational film. A sexy educational film!

It's a long watch but it's episodic so you could break at any time. I'm enthusiastically waiting for the chance to watch season 2!

Original Score: 5/5
Why it's on this list: This is the adult film we need in 2021.

This is one of my all time favourite adult films. It was a catharsis for me personally. I adore this movie and it resonated with me in a very unique way. At first I thought it was just going to be another porno but it quickly takes a sharp left into artistry. Not only is this film beautiful but it understands human fucking nature in a way I'm not sure I've ever really seen before.

The erotic scenes are like action scenes. They tell stories all on their own. They ramp up, rise, crescendo, then have a slow come-down. The erotic scenes are characters unto themselves. 

Safe Word is one of the films I constantly recommend. It is the most feel-good adult film I've ever found. This thing had a profound effect on me. Out of over one hundred adult films I've watched, this is one of the top five that constantly come back into my mind. I adore it. We need more like it. If you ever watch only one from this list, make it Safe Word.

Original Score: 4.5/5
Why it's on this list: It made me feel things!

If you're a regular reader, you probably knew this was going to be on the list. I felt feelings when watching this. Kendra Spade and Alina Lopez act their fucking hearts out in this movie! Those are real tears, real sobs, and real desperate kisses and gentle hand-holding. My shriveled black heart ached for those little Mormon women who were being torn apart by their faith. This series starts strong and continues so for most of the three stories it shares with us.

The second story features Angela White giving a housewife her first lesbian experience and it's so good. It's sweet and tender, all smiles and giggles but it does run a touch too long.

What really pulls this series down is the final story. I've seen it done better elsewhere. If it was the first story, I might have been more easygoing on it but it had two very tough acts to follow and it whiffed.

Don't let that turn you off of this series though, the first two stories are stellar.

Original Score: 3.5/5, 4.5/5
Why it's on this list: It included one of my favourite short films of the year, The Nude Muse

I'll be honest, this is mostly on the list purely thanks to The Nude Muse. It was so beautiful and tender. An actual real-world couple plays with art supplies and fucks. It was ethereally lovely, sumptuous and intimate. There was no acting, it was genuine.

Other shorts featured in this collection were notable, as well, like The Saree Shop and Dubbing but if not for The Nude Muse this probably wouldn't even be on the list because I found the lows to be very low. This whole collection is sort of a roller-coaster of quality and interest. The highs are very high but probably in a lesser collection I wouldn't have even given it a second thought.

I do plan, however, to delve more into this series.

Now that we've seen through the best, time for the worst. Are you ready?

The Bottom Five Films Watched in 2021...

Original Score: 2/5
Why it's on this list: It lied to me!

Nobody told me this movie was rife with fisting! No thank you! Please no! I do not consent!
Candy Stripers was sold to me as a classic XXX adult comedy. I was expecting some fun romp through a hospital and medical shenanigans. Instead I got jokes that never landed, characters I couldn't tell apart and fisting! There was never any coy 'tee hee I have to give you a check up' prelude to it either. Suddenly there were just entire hands inside of orifices.

If you like that sort of thing, more power to you. Practice it safely, don't hurt or disturb anyone, and enjoy yourselves. It's not my style, and I'd prefer not to see it. 

Original Score: 1/5
Why it's on this list: It squandered its potential

I wanted to like this so badly. It featured Terri Hall, a great golden-age performer, and it centered around the concept of dirty books. But I just found it so boring. And I hate being bored. I'd rather be angry or disgusted because then at least I'm feeling something. I'm having a visceral reaction. Boredom is the absence of feeling, of emotion. It's a waste of our finite time in this life. 

Maybe it was the copy I watched, because it looked ugly, and I think that might have contributed to my boredom. There was a circus scene and it was boring! You know you fucked up when you make a sexy circus boring.

It had everything I liked. Wedding dresses, a kinky circus, dirty books, Terri Hall, and all I can say I absolutely liked was the black-and-white wallpaper in one scene.

Original Score: 2/5
Why it's on this list: Continuously missed the mark.

I loved the premise of this movie. Rebecca gets in an accident and gets amnesia and falls for her lady doctor. Perfect!

In theory. In practice, the costumes were ill-fitting, the set pieces were ugly, the acting was bad and the sex was too porny and unsatisfying. The entire film built up to the inevitable sex scene between Rebecca and her doctor and it was just such a nothing moment, which was odd because the performers did have chemistry. I just wanted better than what they gave me.

Original Score: 2/5
Why it's on this list: It is bonkers

The Voyeurs dropped right as I was celebrating Lilith Likes to Watch's 3rd anniversary. I rearranged my entire schedule because of this film. Amazon had given me a gift, you understand.

A bad, bad fart of a gift.

This movie is terrible, but in an unbelievable way. We're told, rather than shown things that we're to believe are true, like Thomas was this hard core druggy rocker livin' on the edge but he and his sensible sweaters are so insecure he's all "Wow, sexy Halloween parties are weiiiird". 


This movie was dripping with Sexy By Committee. It's what a board room filled with executives thinks is sexy. The editing is bad, the story is bad, the connection between the characters is bad, the only two who had any chemistry were Pippa and Julia and they should have run off together in the end.

But, it was free and for a brief moment in time, I was on the pulse of the Internet, talking about what everyone else was talking about.

As a proud yet private voyeur, I'm a little offended by this film.

Original Score: 1.5/5
Why it's on this list: It's baaaad.

I often feel like I'm compelled to defend porn. Just because something is porn, doesn't mean its sleazy, or that it's not crafted with love, or that there's no story, or that the actors aren't real people with real feelings.

This documentary kind of throws that back in my face. This film is just gross. It's not fun, it's mean-spirited, and covered in a cocaine crust. It was a different time, and the industry is changing now, thankfully. But, wow. this is the sort of thing people probably envision when they think porno. 

I had seen this before, years ago and I truly do not remember it being this uncomfortable the first time.

Everyone is a resource to be used and replaced.

Thank fuck things are getting better.

I hope you enjoyed this little retrospective into 2021. I'm going to be taking a break in January as we prepare for some big new surprises in 2022! Expect us back in February with a new theme month!

Until 2022, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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