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The Black Widow - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title:  The Black Widow AKA La Veuve Noire Year:  2014 Starring: A J Dirty Stein, Ardiente de la Huerta, Rosebutt, Yumie Volupte Director: Maria Beatty Synopsis: Driven by desire and an intangible grief, four mysterious women blur the lines of fantasy, passion and desire in Maria Beatty’s The Black Widow. - Via Pink Label TV. Lilith's Notes: I discovered it while looking up info on the parody of Marvel's Black Widow I know what you're thinking. "Wait this isn't Axel Braun's parody!" You say. And I say, "Damn right." Look, I respect parody. It has its place, but more often than not it's not for me and if I'm already not hyped for the source material, I'm probably going to be bored of the parody. See: Captain Marvel XXX. And that's not a fair review. So, instead, I watched The Black Widow by Maria Beatty. We begin with some fairly nice shots of a graveyard. A romantic goth clad lady prowls around, exploring and kiss

Candy Stripers - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Candy Stripers Year: 1978 Starring:  Amber Hunt, Chris Cassidy, Sharon Thorpe Director: Bob Chinn Synopsis: Sexual adventures of nurses' helpers in a hospital. - Via IMDB. Lilith's Notes: The final on screen appearance of prolific porn actress Sharon Thorpe. "Shots are a pain in the ass." By the time you read this, I will have graciously accepted my second Covid vaccine, so, as with the first round of vaccination, I selected a medical themed porno to celebrate. I should have picked something better. The movie starts with a couple having sex. She's one of three candy stripers, young ladies who gives magazines or treats to patients in hospitals. And he's a doctor. They enjoy their pre-workday intimacy, then head for the hospital. At the hospital, the boss, named Sarge (Played by Sharon Thorpe), complains that one of the ladies is missing. She is found in a closet, giving sub-par head to a doctor. Thus begins the hospital work-shift, where they