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Spooky Short Films Marathon - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat

I know it’s not my fault because the circumstances are out of my control, but I still feel the need to apologize for the lack of updates. I know I said I’d be updating every other week, but what I didn’t realize was that it made Halloween feel so small and unloved. So in an effort to at least pack more of a punch this October, I thought I’d do a review of several movies I watched this month. They range in subject matter and quality, so this should be pretty fucking fun, right? Let’s get on with it. Title: BFFs, Naked, And Afraid Year: 2018 Starring: Ginny Woolf, Parts Authority Director: Mahx Capacity Synopsis: In April of 2017, two best friends disappeared in the woods while shooting erotic films. Best friends since birth, Parts and Ginny have no problem sleeping together… well, next to each other. After a night of ghost stories by the campfire, the two climb into bed. Overheating with nervous energy, they strip down and try to get some rest before the big shoot. But Parts aw

Parasited: Infection - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat

Title: Parasited: Infection Year: 2023 Starring: Kimmy Kimm, Lulu Chu Director: Ricky Greenwood Synopsis: Kimmy and Lulu thought that the news about alien parasites was too far-fetched to be true, so they decided to take a chance and head out anyway. Little did they know, an alien was lurking in the park waiting to crawl inside. - via Lilith's Notes: We've never ventured into this kink before! Buy: "Don't let this ruin our night." Welcome, finally to this year's Halloween Trick & Treat! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and while our scope is limited this year due to circumstances beyond my control, I promise you that this year's selection of scary, sexy flicks are vast in their themes and aesthetics. We begin with some live action hentai. I have a very delicate constitution. Gross things are gross and not sexy. So I was equal parts reluctant and intrigued to watch Ricky Greenwood's Infection, part of the