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The Governess - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: The Governess Year: 2018 Starring: Whitney Wright, Jill Kassidy, Chad White Director: MissaX Synopsis: Jill White has called the Governess agency for a brand new teacher. She carefully selected the highest educated, the most professional governess hoping to find the oldest, the most dowdy, unappealingly strict teacher they could send. Her husband, Chad, had an affair with the last governess and the Whites are seeing a therapist to get past his betrayal. She knows if she chooses the most over-qualified governess, she'd certainly be sharing her home with a grandmother-type and Chad will not be tempted to stray for an elderly woman. The door bell rings and Jill opens the door to see the most stunning brunette woman with sparkling blue eyes staring back at her. - Via Adult Lilith's Notes: Thus ends the fifth anniversary month! Buy: MissaX | Adult Empire | Hot Movies "I am certainly not going to leave God for a hot piece of ass like you." You kn

Another Life - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Another Life Year: 2019 Starring: Angela White, Skye Blue, Tommy Pistol Director: Whitney Wright Synopsis: Famous Hollywood actress, Jocelyn, is hosting a little party with her famous model girlfriend and a few other industry elites. The friends discuss what Jocelyn would have done if she didn't take the plane from her boring mid-west home to LA to get her very first big break. It was a just a short and simple "what if" that kept Jocelyn's mind buzzing. - Via Adult Empire Lilith's Notes: I could watch Angela White read a take out menu and be satisfied. Buy: All Her Luv | Adult Empire | Hot Movies "I am offering you an opportunity many people would kill for." Last year for the Lilith Likes to Watch anniversary, I reveled in things I enjoyed. I have no such theme this year. However, one of the things I absolutely allowed myself to admire and praise was Angela White. So, let’s bring her back, shall we? Another Life features Angela White, w

Starstruck - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Starstruck Year: 2023 Starring: Lilly Bell, Maya Woulfe Director: Ricky Greenwood Synopsis: Lilly already has a girlfriend, but she's attracted to a girl Maya who she met at open mic night at a local coffee shop, and arranges to take guitar lessons from her. It seems her girlfriend has been neglecting her lately. - Via Lilith's Notes: Second All Her Luv flick in a row! Buy: All Her Luv "Come and taste me." It’s been five years since I started this blog and this month I should be putting all my energy into it. It deserves no less than that. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy these last few weeks working hard on a secret project. It’s a book, of course. Again! So, in my never-ending quest for cultivating motivation and inspiration, I watched Starstruck, by Ricky Greenwood. Lilly (played by Lilly Bell) has an estranged relationship. She sees Maya (played by Maya Woulfe) at a coffee shop and enquires about receiving guitar lessons. It all sta

The Family Secret - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: The Family Secret Year: 2020 Starring: Kenzie Reeves, Helena Locke, Haley Reed Director: Ricky Greenwood Synopsis: I see my beautiful stepmom and I feel as if she's busted me. I'm going out on a date, it's my very first date with a GIRL. My parents don't know I'm a lesbian, and I'm keeping it a secret from them. I'm eighteen years old, I live under their roof, and I worry that they'll not only kick me out, but they'll disown me. I've lived with lots of families, and it seems like just as I start to feel a part of the family; they reject me. I finally feel like I fit in, and there is just no way I would let in on anything remotely controversial about me. - Via Adult Empire Lilith's Notes: Welcome to Lilith Likes to Watch 5th anniversary! Buy: All Her Luv | Adult Empire | Hot Movies "I trust you, will you be my first kiss?" Welcome to September, a very special month, because it is Lilith Likes to Watch anniversary! We’