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Angela Vol. 3 - Lilith Likes to Watch

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XConfessions - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: XConfessions Year: 2016-2018 Starring: Various Director: Erika Lust, Sally Fenaux Barleycorn Synopsis: Various XConfession shorts covering a wide range of kinks. Lilith's Notes: A random selection of XConfession episodes. Ethics. Ethical porn. It’s always a struggle, isn’t it? I like to believe the majority of people are good but that outlook has been challenged a lot over the last few years. I like to behave like a good person in my porn consumption habits, and the industry is trending that way as well. One of the pioneers of ethical porn is a creator I’ve mentioned many, many times on this site: Erika Lust. Supporting the good folks is the right thing to do. This week, I picked some XConfession episodes a la carte for my viewing pleasure. There is no rhyme or reason, they just looked interesting so I snapped them up. So how did they measure up? We began with... CHICAZO “You've been great.” A man (Played by Tyler Nixon) walks into a brothel and sits dow

Terri's Revenge - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Terri's Revenge Year: 1976 Starring:  Terri Hall, Jeanette Sinclair Director: Zebedy Colt Synopsis: A wife who has been sexually compromised by her husband forms a women’s group to take revenge on men. - via Lilith's Notes: Terri Hall and Zebedy Colt collaborate on a rape revenge movie. What can go wrong? "What a delicious combination" Checklist time! What does Lilith Like? Zebedy Colt? Check. Terri Hall? Check. Roughies? Not usually. Terri Hall in a Zebedy Colt directed roughie? I gotta try this. Terri's Revenge! Is the story of a woman named Terri (played by Terri Hall) who is betrayed by Chad (played by Chad Lambert) the man she loves. She's set up to be assaulted by her lover and his friend Bill, (played by Peter Andrews). Brokenhearted, and violated, she commiserates with her friend (played by Jeanette Sinclair) who recalls the time she herself was assaulted by her boyfriend. The ladies decide men are the problem and te

Owen Gray - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Various Owen Gray films Year: 2018 Starring: Owen Gray, Vex Ashley, Mickey Mod, Amarna Miller, Erika Lust, Lina Bimbe, Daisy Vataa, Victoria Vaar and Sylvia Ruby Director: Erika Lust Synopsis: Various Owen Gray films. Sometimes Owen is a nature god, sometimes he's a dom, sometimes he's a chef. Lilith's Notes: We're doing things a little different this month. Can you believe that Lilith Likes to Watch is four years old? We’ve been doing this for almost half a decade and have watched over one hundred offers of adult entertainment and pornographic pleasures. For this very special month, I decided to look inward, and self-reflect. What have I learned that I didn’t know before? What awakened within? We all know Lilith likes to watch, but what does Lilith like? So, we begin this month with an easy bet. Lilith likes… Owen Gray. The first time I saw Owen Gray was in the Angela White and Maitland Ward vehicle Drive . Back then, I didn’t realize know who I w