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Lilith Likes to Watch - Money Month Finale

Welcome to the  Money March  finale. We've made it to the final on-screen appearance of Constance Money. What a beautiful month it's been. Title:  A Taste of Money Year:  1983 Starring:  Constance Money, Jamie Gillis, Sharon Mitchell, Paul Thomas Director:  Richard Mailer Synopsis:  Chronicling rising star Constance Money's emotional and sexual turmoil, the monumental release "A Taste Of Money" is a standout film indeed. An all-star cast has the unique experience of portraying their own personal roles in delighting the gray-eyed beauty. - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  It's the final on-screen appearance of Constance Money. "Will I taste the money again?" What a peculiar swan song this is. I'll admit, I don't really know all the behind the scenes reasoning for this movie's existence. I don't know what drew Constance Money back into the work. I don't know if this was meant to be some sort of revival of a career, if s

Lilith Likes to Watch - Money March part 4. Double Feature!

Welcome back to Money March . Today we have a Double Feature. How exciting! Title:  Barbara Broadcast Year:  1977 Starring:  Annette Haven, Constance Money, C. J. Laing, Jaime Gillis Director:  Radley Metzger Synopsis:  In a restaurant in New York, the menu is unusual, with some sauces prepared by waiters on the spot. In this scenery, at another table, a reporter interviews a famous prostitute. - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  Constance Money is in chains and on a mirror. That's why. "Is it still a business doing pleasure with you?" So, right off the bat, the movie looks really good. the first thing noticeable about this film is the colour composition. Nails, lips and tongues are red and pink, but everything else is shades of complimentary greens and creamy earth tones. It is, however, the oral-y-ist of movies. Which is fine, I like some good oral but it feels kind of endless. The scenes go on and on and really, the movie's plot is just a series of vig

Lilith Likes to Watch - Money March Part 3

Welcome back to Money March! Today we continue with something that was meant to be so much more than what it is... Title:  Obsessed  (AKA Anna Obsessed) Year:  1977 Starring:  Constance Money, Annette Haven, John Leslie Director:  Martin & Martin Synopsis:  A psycho stalks and violates women at gunpoint. One woman is determined to stop him. - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  It's notorious for being hacked to bits. "Hello, beautiful." This is going to be a tough review because what I was presented was not the full film. Legend tells of an 82 minute cut of the movie Obsessed , where Constance Money is violated with a pistol, and scenes of her trauma are cut between moments of lovemaking. This movie has been cut and recut, re-released so many different times that now it's an abused, emaciated corpse of what it was meant to be. What the common plebeians, like I, are left with is a cut that is 75 minutes long. A near-incoherent hack-job of a narrative

Lilith Likes to Watch - Money March Part 2

Welcome back to Money March! Today we continue with one of the most famous porn films of all time... Title:  The Opening of Misty Beethoven Year: 1975 Starring:  Constance Money, Jamie Gillis, Jacqueline Beudant, Ras Kean, Terri Hall Director:  Radley Mitzger Synopsis:  Pornography meets Pygmalion. Misty, the hooker, meets the sexologist who thinks he can transform her from "the nadir of passion" into someone who inspires passion.- Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  One of the most beloved and renowned porno movies of all time. The movie that made Constance Money a star. "Never let the fact that they are doing it wrong stop you from doing it right." Well, here we are, the first Constance Money film I ever saw, and the film that made me a fan. Dr. Seymour Love finds a hooker who refuses to engage in exciting activities with her clients. The "Nadir of Passion", he's convinced he could make her into the next Goldenrod Girl, the talk of the to

Lilith Likes to Watch - Money March Part 1

Welcome to Money March! where Lilith revels in the beauty and poise of the stunning Constance Money. First up, her screen debut: Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak. Title:  Confessions of a Teenage Peanut Butter Freak Year:  1975 Starring:  Zachary Strong, Helen Madigan, John Holmes, Constance Money Director:  Zachary Strong Synopsis:  Sexual awakening of Billy, an inept teenager who undergoes a series of humiliating, but nevertheless arousing experiences. - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  It's the first on-screen appearance of Constance Money. "You better learn to join in instead of standing around watching with your hands in your pockets." This is a story about Billy, a young man who has a fetish for peanut butter and is extremely shy and awkward around girls. He goes on a date and the girl fantasizes about fucking him in the car with the most nefarious facial expressions. The date ends and we get the funniest part of the film. His date tries to