Primary - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Primary
Year: 2020
Starring: Ana Foxxx, Kira Noir, Small Hands, Penny Pax, Derrick Pierce
Director: Casey Calvert
Synopsis:  Follow two polyamorous couples who share passionate sex with their partners whilst also engaging in steamy relations with other characters as the simultaneous storylines coincide and connect. Via Lust Cinema
Lilith's Notes: Directorial debut of Casey Calvert and nominated for several XBIZ and AVN awards. Winner of AVN 2021's Best Supporting Actress for Kira Noir and XBIZ 2021's Best All Female Sex Scene.

"Is this okay?"

We have a lot to go through so let's just dive in, shall we?
Two couples are out on dates. The first couple, played by Derrick Pierce and Penny Pax, are enjoying a night at a restaurant while the other, Small Hands and Ana Foxxx, are meeting for a blind date at a food truck.

Ana Foxxx takes Small Hands home and we learn she is married to Derrick Pierce.

I had completely forgotten what this series was about and that reveal was a good twist. They bury the lede nicely.

We watch Derrick Pierce fuck Penny Pax. The sex us good and feels relatively human while still being porny. It helps that the first porn scene is performed by Penny Pax, a woman with natural beauty and gentle charisma. There's something incredibly genuine about her. Its filmed nicely, with great warm lighting and a nice use of shadows.

Episode two opens with Kira Noir, girlfriend to Small Hands, trying to pick out what to wear for a night on the town. She goes to a bar with Small Hands watching over her to make sure she's safe. She goes home with Michael Vega.

As the scene goes on, Vega is constantly, consistently asking if his actions are alright. He's checking in, he's acquiring consent for his actions, and it's sweet and breezy and doesn't break the flow of the scene. It doesn't kill the mood or break immersion for the audience. Consent is sexy.

They fuck, and it seems very focused on the woman's pleasure. Then again, Kira Noir almost always seems to be legitimately enjoying herself. She just erupts into giggles and its very sweet. Sure, some scenes are more performative than others, but she nearly always looks like she's happy to be there. 

There were two noticeable close ups during this scene. One was when Vega was fingering Kira Noir. It didn't look porny so much as almost instructional. Are we learning something here?

The other close up was a really adorable shot where Vega's foot was pressed against Kira's foot. Little things such as that make this series stand out.

Episode three opens with Ana Foxxx fucking Isiah Maxwell. It is, so far, the most porny scene. Up until this point the series has at least introduced us to characters before they fuck, or established all the relationships. Not here. Until stated otherwise, I had made up my own connection between these two. He trains her dog.

We eventually learn they have some sort of connection stemming from the past and he sees her whenever he's in town. Then he leaves the series, never to be seen or heard from again.

Meanwhile, Derrick Pierce goes on a date with Penny Pax who is being a motor mouth and complains about her husband. When Derrick Pierce gets home to Ana, he complains about how exhausting she is. Ana sticks up for Penny's husband, she and Derrick get in a spat, and Ana goes to visit Small Hands. They discuss boundaries, and secrets, and Kira Noir gets home.


In episode four, Small Hands, Kira, Ana and another girl played by Serena Blair go to an escape room. Small Hands doesn't get a single clue. It's a long, extended scene of people mostly walking around confused, and talking over each other. Also they give away the entire escape room.

After their great escape, Ana, who is Small Hand's date, asks if she could join Kira and Serena. She does.

The viewer is now witness to the epic coital meeting of Ana Foxxx and Kira Noir. A fuck long time coming. I'm not sure if this is the first on-screen scene they've performed together but it's certainly the first I've seen and it was well worth the wait. Poor Serena is a little under-loved in this scene, but she, and her tongue, is a trouper! Overall, it's a really good threesome which the series builds nicely and has a plot-progressing payoff. It's not just threesome for threesome's sake. (unlike Threesome.)

Episode five begins with a yelling match between Small Hands and Kira, about how she effectively stole his date, how he was trying to make him jealous, and all manner of things. She leaves the house and goes to hook up with some random guy.
She meets the guy at his place and to say that he comes on strong is an understatement. He wastes no time kissing her while she tries to at least get to know him a little.

Kira is almost attacked. She isn't, but I'm glad she got out of there because I didn't want this to get too Requiem for a Dream-y. I think this series is trying to be honest and open minded and I'd hate for it to suddenly shift into the viewpoint of "immoral thing is fun and great until IT'S NOT!"

And I like some non-con stuff, I just need to be notified in advance.

In contrast to this, Ana makes love to her husband and that's good because we get to see their loving relationship. There are obvious rules in place. Things only they share. Like butt-stuff!

For the finale, Ana confronts Penny, and tries to educate her on the dynamics of open relationships. She doesn't love Derrick, she just thinks she does. Kira and Small Hands talk and decide they would like to try a threesome. Then, they have make-up sex where he comes inside her.

Primary is an illuminating look at modern relationships. It touches on what feel like actual conflicts and revelations for these kind of lifestyles. It doesn’t romanticize and it doesn't vilify. It comes across as honest and frank. The sex scenes are well shot and feel relatively natural while still being just fantastical enough to still be titillating.

Best Moment: That foot thing. I'm not even a foot person but it was just another form of intimate connection through physical contact.

Worst Moment: The Ana Foxxx/Isaiah Maxwell scene. It was the most porny, it took up most the episode's run time, and wasn't as fleshed out as the other couples in the series.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.