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Fella Pure - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April 2022

Title: Fella Pure Year: 2014 Starring:  Kei Mizusawa Director: Tatsumi Synopsis: On the outside, Keiko Mitarai is absolutely perfect; she has a beautiful figure, astounding leadership, and a good reputation among the students. Unbeknownst to many, however, behind the charisma she exudes lies a complete pervert who cannot stop thinking about the sexual art of fellatio. Because of this, whenever her parents are away, she uses her younger brother to discover new ways of giving pleasure, which is bound to one day go too far - Via MyAnimeList Lilith's Notes: A tale of really close dirty siblings. "I'll show you my true colours." There is such thing as comfort content, even in the fought landscape of pornography, even in the never quite know what you're gonna get mosaic of hentai. I was sick this week, thankfully it wasn't Covid but it still reduced me to a weak, fragile kitten with no appetite and a fuzzy brain. So, I bundled up in my trusty ahegao blanket an

Princess Lover OVA - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April 2022

Title: Princess Lover! OVA Year: 2010 Starring: Akira Ishida, Ayaka Kimura, Suzune Kusunoki Director: Manaka Toyota Synopsis: Teppei finds himself surrounded by women of noble bearing and status. He quickly falls for Sylvia van Hossen, a European princess and fencing master. But Sylvia is aloof and difficult to read, and his maid, Yuu Fujikura, seems to have her own agenda. Will Teppei become the Princess Lover, or is his romance with Sylvia destined for failure? - Lilith's Notes: An OVA snippet of a larger ecchi frnachise. "Burn the sight of my lasciviousness into your eyes." God Bless the inventor of the OVA, where little bite sized anime are thrust into the world, with a fully formed story, the very hint of characterization, and most importantly, I don’t have to spend hours of my time watching it. I instead grant thee an hour of my smutty, filthy time. Princess Lover! OVA is part of the Princess Lover franchise, of which I know nothing. It st

Nikutai Teni AKA Body Transfer - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April 2022

Title: Nikutai Teni AKA Body Transfer Year: 2003 Starring:  Ryo Horikawa,  Director: Yoshitaka Fujimoto, Miho Kuwagata, Kaori Fujisaki Synopsis: Kenichi and several of his friends stay after school to look at a new archaeological find, a bizarre looking mirror. Suddenly, the entire building is transported to an alternate dimension and a magic field surrounds it to prevent them from escaping. Also, their minds have switched to other people's bodies. The only way to switch bodies is when their sexual emotions are high. Kenichi must find a way to return everything back to normal until the dimension falls apart. - Via AnimeNewsNetwork Lilith's Notes: Some good old body swapping! "I know I shouldn't play with it..." Part of the reason I took a hiatus from Animated April for the last…(checks notes)...two years?! Ahem… Is because I knew eventually I wanted to review anime, but there are obvious logistical problems with that. So, since they don't say otherwis

Belladonna of Sadness - Lilith Likes to Watch Animated April 2022

Title: Belladonna of Sadness Year:  1973 Starring:  Aiko Nagayama, Tatsuya Nakadai, Takao Ito Director: Eiichi Yamamoto Synopsis: A peasant woman is raped by the local lord on her wedding night. To take revenge, she makes a pact with the Devil himself who appears as an erotic sprite and transforms her into a black-robed vision of madness and desire. - Via Letterboxd Lilith's Notes: Part of a trilogy of animated films which I will not be reviewing. "I will never give you my soul!" It's back! Animated April! But we're not just watching adult animation this time, no. We're watching a very specific kind of adult animation. Get your ahegao faces ready and hold up your transformation wands, because this April, we're watching four dirty anime. We begin with Belladonna of Sadness . Want to spend an hour and a half of your life watching the relentless suffering of a young woman? Great, I have just the movie for you. This a long and twisting tale so I&#