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Confesshhhions Episode 1 - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Confesshhhions - I Pissed Myself at Work... And Loved it! Year: 2023 Starring: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz Director: MixedX Synopsis: Zazie Skymm is stuck in a long meeting with her boss when she feels an odd sensation building inside her. She didn't manage to go to the bathroom beforehand, and as she feels the slow release of urine trickle down her legs, she's bewildered to see that her boss didn't even notice. This is a lot more fun- and naughty- than she could have ever imagined. But when she decides to piss herself during a meeting with her coworker Nikki Nutz the next day, he catches her in the act. Will Nikki report her? Or has Zazi found someone who is willing to indulge in her perverse cravings with her? - Via Lilith's Notes: A challenger approches. "I didn't notice the signs inside me until it was too late." This review is essentially an exercise in experimentation. When I first heard about Confesshhhions , it was impos

Dirty Martini - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Dirty Martini Sex Party Year: 2023 Starring: Kali Sudhra, Nat Portnoy, Maria Riot Director: Erika Lust Synopsis: Inspired by the sexual freedom and experimentation of the revolutionary 1969, 'Dirty Martini Sex Party' showcases how different characters participate in a joyous orgy in the context of a glamorous sex party. - Via Lilith's Notes: This blog is now an Erika Lust simp blog, sorry not sorry. "Remember 1969?" Do you remember being young, and your parents would go out together to do grown up things? And you were sad because you couldn’t go, because it was a grown up thing. You imagined the sort of parties your parents would go to. There would be dancing, and fancy adult drinks and they would laugh and have tiny little appetizers. Then, you grow up and realize the grown up activity they were attending were AA meetings because your parents were alcoholics. That’s alright. We are now well-adjusted porn loving adults and now we can

Bishop's Interview & Guidance - Lilith Likes to Watch Double Feature!

Title: The Bishop's Interview Year: 2019 Starring: Alina Lopez, Dick Chibbles Director: Bree Mills Synopsis: A corrupt bishop manipulates an 18 year old girl into having sex. - Via Lilith's Notes: Let's do a double feature! "Now, why don't you lead us in closing prayer?" Early into the lifetime of this blog, I discovered a presence I would learn is named Alina Lopez. Though I had probably seen her before, the first time I remember her catching my eye is when Kristen Scott went down on her in Teenage Lesbian . I came across her again underneath a philanderous Seth Gamble in Perspective . From then on it was always a pleasure to see her pop up in features. She ruined me in What Sets Us Apart and made me empathize with her desire to be a mother in Fertile . She's great at what she does. So, why not give her the spotlight this week? She's earned it. Sit back and enjoy an Alina Lopez Double Feature. We begin with The Bishop's Inte

A Road to Conquer - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: A Road to Conquer Year: 2021 Starring: Bebe Melkor-Kadior, Claire Romain Director: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn Synopsis: In a near future where pornography is forbidden, Karly is a young woman on the run from the police as she tries to dispose of her grandmother's illegal pornography collection. Together with her friend Erin they set off in search of The Sanctuary, a safe haven of sexual freedom, to find refuge. - Via Lilith's Notes: This was pitched to me as dirty Children of Men. "What the fuck is so shameful about it? What's so wrong, so ugly, so improper?" This is a frightening time for sex workers and smut connoisseurs. States are engaging obscenity laws through lies and overreach. I made a joke on Twitter the other day about Texas' new requirement for all porn sites to force an inaccurate warning about the harmful effects of sexy content. Need I remind you all about the Meese Report? Here's a refresher: Under president Lyn