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Starship Eros - Lilith Likes to Watch Mystery Month

Title: Starship Eros Year: 1980 Starring: Linda Russel, Becky Savage, Mike Ranger Director: Scott McHaley Synopsis: 1995. The all-female crew on board the Starship Eros get it on with each other when they aren’t taking advantage of the virile services of their male robot servant Quasar. - via Lilith's Notes: But, what if this were a musical instead? "Well, I'll be a laitant heterosexual!" How much grace do we afford a porno? This is a serious question. Porn is a classification of film where we tend to give leeway that we wouldn’t otherwise for other types of film. Words like parody and homage and pastiche do a lot of heavy lifting. In the far future year of 1995, Commander Venus (played by Lily Rogers) of the Starship Eros is having a nice relaxing soak in her hot tub. Being a commander of a starship grants her such luxuries. She’s fucked by her manservant (played by Mike Ranger) , then is told to suit up and board her ship. Aboard, she fidd

The Beast of Her Dreams - Lilith Likes Dirty Words

Title: The Beast of Her Dreams: A Sapphic Shifter Erotica Year: 2022 Author: Naomi Piper Synopsis:  For months, Emaline has dreamt of a mysterious pair of eyes in the woods. And every night, her curiosity grows, and the monster dreams get steamier. By day, Emaline is a college student, struggling to pass her statistics class. When her hot butch classmate seems to know more about Emaline than she should, things get interesting. Lilith's Notes: So, a funny thing about female hyenas... "Emaline is in the Forest Again..." Well, this was fun! When the story first started, I was a little worried it was going to be same as many other erotic novellas, just sort of...existing in the shapeless voice of the Internet for easy consumption. But, once Ema started dreaming of her beast, I was hooked. This story really likes to tease the reader. It's not a slow burn exactly, but, in the true style of dreams, Ema wakes just as the dream is getting good. Until she manages to finall

Paprika - Lilith Likes to Watch Mystery Month

Title: Paprika Year: 1991 Starring: Debora Caprioglio, Stéphane Ferrara Director: Tinto Brass Synopsis: A young country girl comes to town and works in a brothel in order to help her fiancée get the money to start his own business. “Paprika” is the name given to her by the madam. Tinto Brass’ personal and faithful adaptation of John Cleland’ ‘Fanny Hill’, is a sexy comedy from the 90s, at the height of his erotic career. - Via Lilith's Notes: Apparently Tinto Brass took a crack at Fanny Hill. "I'm a whore and I'm proud of it!" Well, they can't all be winners. You would think an adaptation of Fanny Hill directed by Tinto "Fuck You I Made Caligula" Brass would be good, and maybe if I didn't have such delicate sensibilities, I would have found it more enjoyable, but boy was this a confusion, brash mess. Mimma (Played by Debora Caprioglio)is a beautiful young woman who enters the business of legal prostitution to make money so

Anne: A Taboo Parody - Lilith Likes to Watch Mystery Month

Title: Anne: A Taboo Parody Year: 2018 Starring: Eliza Jane, Tommy Pistol, Kristen Scott, Casey Calvert Director: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead Synopsis: Anne has always been an orphan. Now that she is eighteen, she hopes she can one day be reunited with the parents who left her behind. But her dreams are mixed with the psychological damages of being a wayward girl in a transition home used for all kinds of under-the-table labor, some too heinous to describe. An environment void of order and reality sees her adopted into the possession of a rich businessman, Mr. Westfield, who's attraction for Anne clouds his judgement, making a scheme to retake Anne, concocted by the lecherous owner of the transition home Mr. Hands possible. Will Anne survive scandal and manipulation to find where she truly belongs? - Via Adult Empire Lilith's Notes: A dark retelling of Little Orphan Annie. "It's only a day away..." There needs to be a better word than parody for this kind

The Listener - Lilith Likes to Watch Mystery Month

Title: The Listener Year: 2021 Starring: Maisy Taylor, Romeo. Director: Lidia Ravviso Synopsis: When Nora moves into a old Victorian house left to her by an unknown Aunt, she can't believe her luck but it doesn't take long for things to turn weird. As she is masturbating one evening she starts to hear some strange noises. From the sound of teeth being brushed to kisses being stolen... she can hear each of her neighbours in HD sound. Her newfound power is a mystery but it isn’t long until she starts to take advantage of it, listening to her neighbours’ private lives and fantasizing in the process. That is, until a mysterious murder upsets the building. - Via Lilith's Notes: An erotic murder mystery by the studio that brought us Safe Word . "It starts with a feeling." Welcome to July, everybody! If you’ve been a long time reader of this blog, or follower of the socials, you’ve probably figured out there’s more to Lilith than just Lilith. Lilit