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The Bargain - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Title: The Bargain Year: 2021 Starring:  Ashley Lane, Tommy Pistol Director: Ricky Greenwood Synopsis: You better not shout, you better not cry, the Krampus is coming to town, and if you’re naughty... this very well may be your last Christmas. This holiday season, you decide if you want to be naughty or nice, but if you’re naughty, you won’t just get a lump of’ll get gobbled up by the Krampus. Via - Lilith's Notes: This is what we're here for.   "Flesh for flesh, or no deal." You know who’s having a renaissance moment? Krampus. Somehow, a few years ago, mankind collectively decided to develop a fascination with the dark creature of pre-Christian folklore. Everything has an opposite, including Saint Nick. Krampus is the new sexy monster on the block, so of course someone had to make a porno of it. Ricky Greenwood, fresh off the demanding restraints of the credit card companies that strictly required Nobody Fuck The Werewolf, rose t

Blue Moon Rising - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Title: Blue Moon Rising Year: 2021 Starring:  Aiden Ashley, Brooklyn Gray, Tommy Pistol Director: Ricky Greenwood Synopsis: When the wolves are out to play, make sure you dont become the prey. - Via Adult Empire Lilith's Notes: No one was allowed to fuck the werewolf.   “Whatever happened to you that night, it woke something up in you.” Capitalism is the enemy of art. That’s right, it’s going to be one of those reviews. One day I lived in blissful ignorance one moment, and then the next I was filled with indignant rage. Because somebody showed me this interview with Ricky Greenwood , and how, under no circumstances, in his porn movie about werewolves, was anyone allowed to fuck the werewolf. Fortunately it was also good press I suppose, because this was the first I had heard of his film Blue Moon Rising. So of course, with it’s doomed “paws off” requirements, I had to watch it. Aiden (Played by Aiden Ashley), is a woman who enjoys sex. She’s on a date with a biker (Play

La Bete (AKA The Beast) - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Title: La Bete (AKA The Beast) Year: 1975 Starring:  Sirpa Lane, Lisbeth Hummel, Marcel Dalio Director: Walerian Borowczyk Synopsis: In order to inherit a fortune a young woman agrees to marry a young man. She soon discovers that his family harbours a dark past involving a monstrous beast. - via IMDB Lilith's Notes: Originally part of Immoral Tales , it was developed into its own film. "Look at the claw marks. Can you see them?" I am no stranger to Walerian Borowczyk . I fell in absolute love with his work in two of the shorts in Immoral Tales , and Behind Convent Walls had style if nothing else. When I first reviewed Immoral Tales I made mention of this film and promised, someday that I would review it. That day is finally here… Ladies and gentlemen, La Bete . The movie opens with horses mating. This movie does not shy away from natural animal behaviors. One might even suggest it's a theme of the film. The horse breeding is overseen by Mathurin (Played by

Beauty and the Beast - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Title: Beauty and the Beast Year: 1988 Starring: Tracy Adams, John Leslie Director: Paul Thomas Synopsis: She's got a thing for hairy guys; he's got a thing for gorgeous women. Together, there's a match made in Heaven. Anything but "Grimm" Beauty And The Beast boasts the kind of high production values and sensitive eroticism that today's discriminating viewers demand. You'll laugh! You'll cry! You'll get aroused! And to think a movie this hot is also perfect for couples! Why, it's a fairy tale come true! - Via Adult Empire Lilith's Notes: Winner of AVN Best Video Feature. "I guess sometimes being a self-sacrificing, guilt-ridden ninny pays off." The 80s sure were distinct weren't they? You can look at all the teased, feathered, permed hair and the bright lipstick against a tanned face and hear the synth music and just know where in time you are. Beauty and the Beast is a sexy retelling of the classic fairy-tale. We

El Satario & Fixxxion - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Greetings readers and fellow watchers to a very exciting theme month. Welcome to Monster Lover May . I hope by the end of the month I will have awoken something feral in you. Since the dawn of mankind, we’ve been coming up with myths and monsters to explain the dark, scary and nefarious aspects of the world. Sometimes, we start to grow infatuated with them. Thus, monster lovers. There are two kinds of people: Those who admit they’re monster lovers, and liars. But much like our beloved monsters, we too hide in the shadows among civilized society. But that want is always there. Always lurking. Title: El Satario Year: 1907 or maybe 1930 Starring: Unknown Director: Anonymous Synopsis: One of the earliest surviving pornographic films. A group of young women is frolicking in the countryside. Then a satyr appears and forces one woman to receive and perform oral sex and then have sex with him. Then the other women come and put him to flight. - Via Letterboxd Lilith's Notes: One of