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Best and Worst Watched in 2022 - Lilith Likes to Watch

2022 is behind us and we venture into 2023. Things are slowly getting better. They are, really, though it might not really look like it from here. Anyway, let’s ring in this new year with a new Best and Worst of list! Like last year, I’m doing this in alphabetical order just so I don’t have to agonize over what was better than what and why. We watched over 50 films this year! We didn’t miss a single week. I am extremely proud of that. It was close one or two times but we managed to persevere! The rules are the same, it has to be something we first watched in 2022. Otherwise Behind the Green Door would be on this list and that movie does not need any more attention. Are you ready? Let’s begin! *** The Top Five Films Watched in 2022... ANGELA VOL. 3 Original Score: 5/5 Why it's on this list: It is the peak of Angela White’s career. Read Original Review This review was daunting to write because it had it’s own write up in The New York Post, so what could I possibly say that would comp