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Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022 Double Feature!

For this, the final review for Halloween Trick & Treat 2022, I have decided to explore two XConfession shorts. Both are artsy and naughty, and while neither are my personal kink, they’re both quite intriguing. We begin with… Title: Can Vampires Smell My Period? Year: 2016 Starring: Misha Cross, Parker Marx Director: Erika Lust Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what would happen if a vampire could smell your period? Would they get hungry for your blood... or horny? Misha Cross and Parker Marx show you exactly what would happen in this period sex teenage vampire fantasy. - Via Lilith's Notes: Not for those who are troubled by blood. "See you in 28 nights." Can Vampires Smell My Period? The screen is black, with deep blue text that asks two questions… Can vampires smell a woman’s period and if so, does it make them hungry, or horny? Let’s be honest, most people who have ever mensturated have probably have asked these questions at one point or

Devil's Ecstasy - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022

Title:  Devil's Ecstasy Year: 1976 Starring: Cyndee Summer, Tara Blair Director: Brandon G. Carter Synopsis: Cyndie is at college when she learns of the passing of her mother, who had been institutionalized for many years. She must return to the home of her birth to claim her inheritance, which includes the mansion and grounds. Before leaving she meets with Arthur , the family lawyer, who tells her something of the family history, which is shrouded in mystery. Arthur tells her that the mansion has been maintained for some time by her aunt, Meredith , who has a bit of an odd reputation: the townspeople think her a witch! via - Lilith's Notes: So much wasted potential. "Do it for the prince of Darkness, Mistress." My world is in mild upheaval right now so this review is going to be brief. We have been celebrating Halloween Trick & Treat five times running now and I live with increasing fear that we have worked our way through the cream of the cro

Vampire Sisters - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022

Title: Vampire Sisters Year: 2010 Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X Director: Maria Beatty Synopsis: Anastasia brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her dying sister, such as deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration (drenched with latex fetish), face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting leading up to the blood thirsty sucking scene. What follows are spanking rituals, flogging, cropping and wax play with extreme doses of succulent orgasmic climaxes! Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X's lust for each other is eternal. - Via Lilith's Notes: Every Halloween needs lesbian vampire sisters! "We are the same perverted blood." Ahh, Maria Beatty, we meet your artistic flair again! We first encountered Beatty’s with the inscrutable The Black Widow and her flair for artistic performance hasn’t lessened since then. This short film is about new vampire ladies, (Played by Anastasia Pierce and Arie

X - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022

Title: X Year:  2022 Starring: Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega Director: Ti West Synopsis: In 1979, a group of young filmmakers set out to make an adult film in rural Texas, but when their reclusive, elderly hosts catch them in the act, the cast find themselves fighting for their lives. - via Lilith's Notes: Welcome to the 5th Trick & Treat! "A toast to the perverts." Welcome to Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022! This is one of my favourite times of the year on this site. Usually this month is filled with a wide range of quality so let's hope we start with a bang with… X As soon as I saw the trailer for this movie my first reaction was "Yes". I loved the premise and as we all know, 70s sex and violence goes together like peanut butter and chocolate. I had been waiting around a year to experience this movie. The anticipation built and built. Finally, I sat down to enjoy the experience. I was left with a moderate case of …e