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DoveFXXXing 101 - Lilith Likes To Watch

Title: Dovefucking 101 Year: 2018 Starring: Lena Paul, Reagan Foxx Director: Stills by Alan Synopsis: The voluptuous Reagan Foxx is getting her porn on in her living room when she sees her step-daughter Lena Paul outside on the patio crying. Through tears, Lena tells her mom that she hates the girls at school. Embarrassed, Lena continues, telling Reagan that she was at lunch and the girls at her table were talking about something called...dovefucking? - via Lilith's Notes: Let's learn something new, everybody! "Does it even feel good?" This year marks the 10th anniversary of the unforgettable embarrassment that was the BIC Pen For Her debacle. Why do I bring this up? Because marketing is weird. Gotta sell more pens? Well, make it for her… Now, let's replace the word "pens" with "porn". Make it for her . And what does she have? Boobs. Dovefucking has the panache of marketing all over it. It sounds like a word that was

The Babysitter - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: The Babysitter Year: 2021 Starring: Alexa Grace, Jenna Sativa, Veronica Rodriguez Director: Stills by Alan Synopsis: When teen Jenna Sativa comes home to make out with her hot Latina girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez, they meet the new sitter Alexa Grace. Jenna's little sister is resting, so Alexa is hanging out on the sofa, all prim and proper. Jenna and Veronica decide to seduce her into a threesome. - via Lilith's Notes: Part of a bigger collection. "You guys are very persuasive." I have been spoiled by the ambition and artistry of others. It was difficult to find something to review this week because I craved a viewing with both plot and emotion, while also having a snappy runtime. Often you can't have all three. Sometimes you can, but it's rather rare. So this week we settled on The Babysitter, which is part of a collection of three shorts all centrered around lesbian threesomes. We only watched one of the three. It was a

MUSES: Khloe Kay - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: MUSES: Khloe Kay Year: 2022 Starring: Khloe Kay, Jane Wilde Director: Bree Mills Synopsis: A luxury showcase series unveiling the desires of our favorite trans actresses… - Via Lilith's Notes: The first episode of a new series! "*Giggle*" As Ani DiFranco spoke-sang in her 1995 song, I am not a Pretty Girl. I've never been interested in fashion or trends, not really. I'm not great with makeup, couldn't contour or blend if you paid me, and I don't own a single dress. It's just not me. I would say I like what I like but the honest truth is I'm just fucking lazy. As I type this I am wearing a pair of mint plaid pj bottoms and a band t-shirt that contains no mint whatsoever, and my hair is knotted up in a bun. So I gotta find my fix of frills some other way. That's right, dance for me, puppets! While I was trawling around Adult Time's website, I was lured by the siren song of Jane Wilde in a girlish pink dress h

True Lesbian: An Even Trade - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title:  An Even Trade Year:  2022 Starring:  Gizelle Blanco, Freya Parker Director: Stella Smut Synopsis: Mona, a popular college athlete who scores the deal of a lifetime when she offers to protect nerdy loner Sophie from on-campus bullies in exchange for tutoring. A spark ignites, and as Mona guides Sophie to the discovery of her true sexuality, the eternal question remains ... can these women from two different worlds find true love? - Via Lilith's Notes: The latest episode of True Lesbian! "It's funny, cause, honestly, you have been one of the best thing to ever happen to me." In my day to day life, I've been unusually busy, that's why this month Lilith Likes to Watch looks like it's going to consist mostly of softballs. The August Easies. Hey, a new True Lesbian just dropped! Let's check it out, together. An Even Trade is the story of two college sophomores, the bullied Sophie, (Played by Gizelle Blanco) and the popular Mo

Soaking - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Soaking Year: 2022 Starring: Candace Lux, Hazel Moore, Seth Gamble Director: Siouxsie Q, Michael Vegas Synopsis: Clara and Brighten (Cadence Lux and Hazel Moore), two members of a conservative rural family, are having dinner with their parents at their family home. As they sit through grace, Brighten kicks Clara under the table, whispering that she needs to speak with her privately once their parents leave for errands later. Clara quietly agrees though she's perplexed as to what Brighten could need so urgently. - Via Lilith's Notes: There truly is a fetish for everything. "It's a legitamate loophole" I wasn’t in a great mood last weekend. I had a lot to do, and little personal time to eke out the watching of films, naughty or otherwise. So, even though Mystery Month was officially over, I still tasked Kage to pick the film for review. It had to be short. Therefore I had no idea what we were going to be watching. But when I found out