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Love Emergency - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Love Emergency Year: 2019 Starring: Kenzie Reeves, Tommy Pistol, Riley Steele, Sarah Vandella, Nia Nacci, Scarlett Bloom, Jake Adams  Director: Will Ryder Synopsis: A college dropout named Vinny, living in his mom and step-dad’s basement, applies for a janitor position at the local hospital after he meets a beautiful nurse. Life gets flipped upside down when his idiot friend hacks the computer and he mistakenly gets hired as an emergency room trauma surgeon. Love, sex and hilarious mayhem ensue during his quest to remain employed so he can win the girl's affection. - Via . Lilith's Notes: It won 4 AVN Awards and 3 XBIZ Awards in 2020 including Best Comedic Screenplay and Comedy of the Year. "Yeah, cum used to do that to me. Not anymore. I LOVE Jizz." In early 2020 I had an ambitious plan. I was going to watch and review all of the 2020 Nightmoves films and review them in one big video. Then, 2020 happened. Covid. Pornhub got scrutinized,

The Voyeur AKA L'uomo Che Guarda - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: The Voyeur (AKA L'uomo Che Guarda) Year: 1994 Starring: Katarina Vasilissa, Francesco Casale, Cristina Garavaglia Director: Tinto Brass Synopsis: A troubled college professor becomes obsessed with the idea that his emotionally distant wife is having an affair with his invalid father. - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes: It's a Tinto Brass movie, but merely one of many. "He makes me say I'm his sow." There comes a moment in every cinephile-erotique's life when they have to really commit. They can't just sit on their laurels and say "Of course I know who Tinto Brass is. I've seen Caligula. Twice !" So, anyway, of course I know who Tinto Brass is. I've watched The Voyeur. Eduardo's father Alberto (Played by Franco Branciaroli) is ailing and his wife Silvia (Played by Katarina Vasilissa) is emotionally distant. So of course Eduardo (Played by Francesco Casale) thinks they're fucking one another. Instead of discussing things li