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Deep Throat - Lilith Likes to Watch Famous February 2022

Title: Deep Throat Year: 1972 Starring:  Linda Lovelace, Harry Reems Director:  Gerard Damiano Synopsis: Linda’s frustration with her inability to achieve orgasm causes a friend to recommend that she see a sex therapist about her problem. During the exam the therapist discovers that Linda’s clitoris is located in her throat and recommends deep throating as a treatment to her ailment. Linda then goes on to experiment with this new technique as she searches for a husband. - Via Lilith's Notes: For this review I watched Deep Throat , Lovelace, several of Linda Lovelace's 8mm loops and read her memoir Ordeal . "No wonder you hear no bells, you have no tinkler." Here we are, after not only a month of famous erotic films but several years of reviewing and over a hundred posts. We’ve reached the one. The only. Deep Throat. And I didn’t just watch Deep Throat for this review. Oh, no. I went and did a deep dive into Deep Throat . I read Linda Lovelace’s memo

Behind the Green Door - Lilith Likes to Watch Famous Feburary

Title: Behind the Green Door Year:  1972 Starring: Marilyn Chambers, Johnnie Keyes Director:  Artie Mitchell, Jim Mitchell Synopsis: Gloria is kidnapped and taken to a theater where she is told that she will have “the most exquisite moment of her life.” She shares many sexual and intimate experiences on a stage in front of a small masked audience that grows increasingly aroused as the performance progresses. - Via Lilith's Notes: So we meet again, nemesis of mine.   "Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to witness the ravishment of a woman who has been abducted." A while ago I was speaking with someone who is in their mid-20s and they said the original Ghostbusters does not hold up, and they couldn't even make it all the way through watching. But we all know it was revolutionary at its time. I think it's difficult some times to put ourselves in the mindset for something we were not there to experience first hand. I sit back and watch some classic

Taboo - Lilith Likes to Watch Famous February

Title: Taboo Year: 1980 Starring: Kay Parker, Mike Ranger Director: Kirdy Stevens Synopsis: When Barbara Scott’s husband leaves her, blaming her frigidity for destroying their marriage, she’s left alone, without a source of income, and charged with taking care of their teenage son, Paul. Feeling vulnerable, she turns to her friend Gina who opens Barbara’s eyes to the secret world of suburban swingers. But as erotic tension grows, Barbara begins to fantasize about her handsome son… - Via Lilith's Notes: The prototypical porn that keeps it in the family. "Dear Paul, we lost our heads last night..." As Famous February rolls on, I foresee a thesis emerging: can one truly place themselves in a time they were not present for? Can we see the notoriety these films earned without having been caught up in the mania? I think with these four reviews, different films will have different answers. But it's very easy to understand the reasons Taboo  was so success

Debbie Does Dallas - Lilith Likes to Watch Famous February 2022

Title: Debbie Does Dallas Year:  1978 Starring: Bambi Woods,  Director: Jim Clark Synopsis:  Sweet, virginal Debbie wants to head to Texas to claim her spot on the "Cowgirl" cheerleading squad. But the trip costs money and her parents aren't willing to help. With the aid of her cheerleading girlfriends, they devise a plan to raise the funds themselves. Initially, they all take odd jobs. However, they quickly discover there's a lot more money to be made by baring their bodies and providing sexual favors for horny men. - via Lilith's Notes: One of the top grossing pornos of all time. "Whatever we can't give you we make up in enthusiasm." Welcome to 2022! We’ve made it into another year and after a month-long break to recharge, I’m back with an entirely new theme month. Allow me to introduce you, dear reader, to Famous February. This month we’re reviewing four notoriously famous porno flicks. I know you’ve absolutely heard of at leas