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Lilith Likes to Watch - Abigail Lesley is Back In Town

Title:  Abigail Lesley is Back In Town Year:  1975 Starring:  Rebecca Brooke, Sarah Nicolson, Anne Keel Director:  Joseph W. Sarno Synopsis:  A seductive woman who left her small fishing town long ago, after being caught with another woman's husband, returns to shake up the place by seducing everyone, including the woman and her girlfriends. Lilith's Notes:  It co-stars Rebecca Brooke I posit that Rebecca Brooke was one of the most beautiful women to ever work in 70's erotic film. Possibly the second most beautiful woman. I have my personal favourite but that's a subject for a different review. In my review of The Image , I praised at length Brooke's ability to communicate a lot of ideas and feelings in her expressions. She was acting the hell out of that role. Here, she's mealy-mouthed and her jaw is constantly hanging open like a gawping fish. This movie had Brooke open-mouth fish gawping at every damn moment. I blame the director. What's w

Lilith Likes to Watch - Double Feature! Showgirls & Gia

Welcome to the very first Lilith Likes to Watch Double Feature , wherein I take two movies that are similar in some way and talk about them. For this illustrious occasion I've chosen very special movies. One is an infamous skin-flick that made us laugh in shock and awe. The other is a little known time capsule of a famous woman's life. I hope you enjoy... Title:  Showgirls Year:  1995 Starring:  Elizabeth Berkley, Gina Gershon, Kyle MacLachlan Director:  Paul Verhoeven Synopsis:   Nomi, a young drifter, arrives in Las Vegas to become a dancer and soon sets about clawing and pushing her way to become the top of the Vegas showgirls.   - Via IMDB Lilith's Notes:  It is the highest grossing NC-17 film of all time. "You can't touch me, but I can touch you. And I'd really like to touch you." Ah, fame. Many want it, few people will achieve it. Movies love to tell tales about the rise and fall and resurrection of famous people. Porn and skin-fli

Lilith Likes to Watch - Cafe Flesh

Title:  Cafe Flesh Year:  1982 Starring:  Andy Nichols, Paul McGibboney, Michelle Bauer Director:  Stephen Sayadian, Mark S. Esposito Synopsis:  In the aftermath of nuclear apocalypse, 99% of the survivors are Sex Negatives - they become violently ill if they attempt it. The minority Sex Positives engage in carnal theater for the entertainment of the Negatives at Cafe Flesh. - Via IMDB/Wikipedia Lilith's Notes:  Winner of the 84 AVN for best Art Direction. Richard Belzer from SVU is in it. Yes, really. "Our humble spectacle just might be able to almost make you feel..." There are two things that really get my goat. When a piece of entertainment bores me, or when a premise is introduced but they fail to execute it to it's full potential.  Cafe Flesh  falls into that second category. This movie begins with a wonderful idea. After a nuclear holocaust, most of the survivors are Sex Negatives, meaning they get sick if they try and fuck. The Sex Positives