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Title: XConfessions Vol. 27
Starring: Kali Sudhra, Kajal, Bunnie Bennet, Riba Naveah, Mar nantas, Jean Amber 
Director: Various
Synopsis: XConfessions Volume 27 is here with six new sexual encounters that depict desire in new and unique ways. As always each and every movie from the XConfessions series is adapted from one of your anonymous sexual fantasies.
Lilith's Notes: Features Lust Cinema's first South Asian adult film.


"Are you looking for something casual, or something elegant?"

This is kind of backwards, isn't it? It's the first time I've reviewed any of the XConfession collections and I start with, at time of writing, the most recent one. It certainly is a choice.

I wanted to watch this collection specifically because of the leading short in it, The Saree Shop. This short had it's own little behind the scenes production video and watching it piqued my interest. Since it's a collection, we'll review each vignette in a bubble.

The Saree Shop
Director: Erika Lust, Kali Sudhra

Kali Sudhra plays a woman who goes with her friends to a saree shop with the purpose of purchasing a new saree for a special occasion. She peruses the fabrics, testing their designs, embellishments and colours. She tries on accessories, and then she and a store worker go in back and have an erotic encounter.

This short's main marketing is that it's  heavy on the authentic South Asian representation, attention to detail and quality was paramount, and all the performers were comfortable. The effort pays off.

Erika Lust always provides a unique look and feel to her films but this one goes above and beyond. For me, a tactile person, there was just so much beauty on screen. Beautiful clothes, lovely sounds, the way a row of bangle bracelets chime as they fall down an arm. The performers, Kali and new-comer Kajal, are a perfect match with wild chemistry. This was a stunning film and everyone should be extremely proud to be a part of it. They set out to make something historic and respectful and gorgeous and they did.


Girl Gang
Director: Charlie Benedetti

An all-women rock band rehearse and plan for their debut video. Playing gets them all riled up, and three of them ( played by Bunnie Bennet, Maria Riot, Catalina d'Aragó) fuck while the fourth, who identifies as asexual, (Played by director Charlie Benedetti) watches through a video camera.

Though I don't have much to say about this one, I did enjoy it. The creators took the time and effort to craft a song for the ladies to rehearse, which is more than I can say for other rock band themed pornos. The wardrobe in appropriately rocker and everyone has a distinct aesthetic. I particularly admired Bunnie Bennet's panties.

When the sex starts going, it a joyful, carefree experience that is well choreographed. No woman is left to her own devices for too long. So often, threesomes or moresomes tend to leave someone out for extended periods of time, making the whole scene awkward. It's not the case here and the film is much stronger or it.

I also like that the director made the filming of the vignette an actual plot point. It all feels so candid. Nothing is played up for the camera to an absurd degree and the entire experience comes across as a bonding exercise.


The Nude Muse
Director: Riba Nevaeh and Lynx Ymir

Riba Nevaeh plays a young artist who fantasizes about the nude model that poses for her life drawing studies. She toys with fruit as she pleasures herself to climax, thinking of him. Having attended community art classes where we draw nude models, I can say that it loses its novelty very very quickly. Then again, my models were never as hot as Oja Kay.

Like The Saree Shop before it, this vignette plays with colour and texture extremely well. The use of different objects from fruit, to paper, to paint and paint brushes is inspired. As Oja Kay enters Riba Nevaeh, he traces along the contours and curves of her figure with a paint brush. Her body jumps, tickled and pleasured in different ways.

There's very little to say about this one, more it's just something to be absorbed by. Just follow the artistry of it all. It's slow in a way that savours itself. Sensual and incredibly intimate. Out of all six stories, this one was my absolute favourite.


Rico Rico
Director: Maximus Skaff

A woman goes out into the Puerto Rico nightlife and ends up on a beach with another person for a morning of sex and toys and honey. As the couple peel off layers they unveil their true selves.

This is a quick film, running not even fifteen minutes long. It's definitely a story about letting others see you as you are. The clubbing outfits are neat and there was some fun food and knife play. It's a happy, free story about a couple with reckless abandon, pure queer joy.


The Set Up
Director: Von Ferro
From here things start to decline. The Set Up is the story of a woman (Sheila Ortega) who has a thing for guys in uniform. Her friend's son (Tommy Cabrio) comes home from some military service and they have sex. It's very porny.

Also, I take issue with the entire conceit of this. She likes a man in uniform, so keep the uniform on! Or let her wear the jacket or play more with the dog tags or something. There's no creative use of  the inciting kink. The fact this story is the cover image of this volume is annoying to me.


Director: Aleix Rodón

In the final story, Laura, a voice actress (Mar Nantas) is dubbing a love scene in a movie. The voice actor dubbing the male left behind their jacket and the smell and feel of it turns Laura on. She masturbates and in walks the jacket owner, Joey, (Jean Amber). Polite conversation becomes sex and in the end, Joey asks if they can call Laura some time.

It's an interesting set up, packed with fantasies and what-if and mystery that rounds the collection out nicely.


In conclusion, XConfessions Vol. 27's overall theme is inclusion, diversity, and acceptance. The performers within are not confined by labels or descriptions and for two hours, we're in a world free of norms and binaries and borders. It's a pleasant and welcomed excursion.

Best Moment: All of The Nude Muse. But especially the little trembling jumps of over-stimulation from Riba Nevaeh's body.

Worst Moment: The Set Up. It was just underwhelming compared to the others.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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