Fantasex - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Fantasex
Year: 1976
Starring: Jeffrey Hurst, Terri Hall, Jennifer Jordan
Director: Roberta Findlay, Cecil Howard
Synopsis: A shy, sex-obsessed young man and a plain young woman both work for a publisher of dirty books. When they get tired of being pushed around at work, they turn to violence against their employer and his secretary to get revenge. - Via IMDB.
Lilith's Notes: It was co-directed by a woman director and features Terri Hall.

"My whole body shook as I emptied my cargo." 

Bernard, played by Jeffrey Hurst, is a nebbish editor or slush-reader at a publisher of dirty novels. He secretly crushes on his co-worker Jane, played by Terri Hall. He's pushed around by his boss, and at home he endures and overbearing mother. His only escape are the dark, sexual fantasies in his mind. 
I picked this because, hey, I like dirty books. I read dirty books. I write dirty books. This plot could be fun. The protagonist is a reader for a publisher of erotic novels and he imagines himself in the stories. What more could I want?

Oh, I don't know. Likable characters? Interesting sex scenes? Competent ADR?

First of all, the IMDB summery is a lie. They never get revenge on their secretary or boss. That's all tucked safely away in fantasy sequences. Either whoever wrote that summery fundamentally misunderstood the film or something went over my head.

This movie was boring, and as readers would know by now, boring me is a cardinal sin. It was so boring that, even when they implemented a twisted circus fantasy, I didn't care. How badly do you have to fuck up to make a sexy circus boring?

There was a non-con fantasy segment and it felt sleazy and gross. The actress, Jennifer Jordan, was shaking, and shivering and she didn't look like she was enjoying herself at all. Honestly I refuse to believe she's that good of an actor. It wasn't fun.

Terri Hall is always welcomed, but she wasn't used to her full potential here. She was mostly relegated to sloppy blowjobs and unimaginative cowgirling. The one time she shone was during the circus scene, where she's bent backward over a table and sucking one guy off while a woman eats her out.

Even a sweet wedding night fantasy is boring. 

Jeffrey Hurst eats out women like he's being forced to lick a lemon. There's very little gusto or interest. The dirty books, read in voice over while the action takes place on screen, are badly written. They're the kind of stuff you'd expect to read in the Bad Sex in Fiction Award

I wish I liked this, for so many reasons. Not least of all that it was written and directed by a woman. That's something of note, since it was rare back then for women to be behind the camera rather than in front of it. I suppose, if anything, Roberta Findlay did a good job chameleoning her way through the industry. This porn definitely sounds like it was written by men.

Also, look at that poster. It's so beautiful it makes me angry.  

I've seen the Fantasex concept done better, in a little movie called Nightdreams.

Utterly disappointing.

Best Moment: There was some cool 70s graphic wallpaper that I really dug. I want it. Also, Terri Hall.

Worst Moment: The pacing. The Sex. I was bored. 


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.