True Lesbian - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: True Lesbian
Starring: Alina Lopez, Kendra Spade, Angela White, Jay Taylor, Khloe Kapri, Gia Derza 
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis:  Relatable queer stories of lesbian curiosity, excitement, hesitance, and seduction...and just like in real life, some end in happy endings and others in heartbeak. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Sometimes you just need hot lesbian content.

  "Just Feel it."

This film was very refreshing. It was exactly what I needed after feeling a bit of burn-out while focusing on my novellas. There are only so many hours in a day and I had been compounded by the weight of each of them lately.

True Lesbian is an anthology consisting of three shorts. As I have for other series of this type, I will review them each in their own section.

What Sets Us Apart

Kendra Spade and Alina Lopez play two Mormon missionary ladies who find themselves at odds with their faith and their love for one another. It is an achingly touching story and it actually made me feel feelings. It's extremely rare for me to feel emotions in porn other than disgust, amusement, or vague admiration. I either like the story or I don't. The sex is hot or it isn't. The production values are cheap, or they aren't. I can name right now four times porn has made me feel things with my heart. (Perspective, Teenage Lesbian, and Safe Word. Two of those are Bree Mills movies.)

Kendra Spade, whom I've previously been luke-warm on, is absolutely stellar in this. Alina Lopez is always good but rises to the occasion to meet Spade at every emotional turn and it comes across on the screen. The ladies are amazing to watch and you can't look away as they cry real tears and pray to their god to give them strength during this difficult mission. There's more intimacy and eroticism as they hold hands than an entire sex scene. The graphic sex is just a bonus.

This is the kind of scene you show when you want to argue porn is more than just getting off, that porn has bad acting or no acting. This story is a goddamn fucking tragedy and fuck you for making me feel feelings and suddenly getting an ex-Mormon kink!

It's got nice, appropriate music, the costumes are good, the sets look meager and pious rather than cheap and it's shot beautifully, with cool blues and warm rosy pinks.

I have literally nothing bad to say about this. Other than it ends. It is tender, loving, passionate, forbidden, moving, emotional, impactful, and just astounding.


Show Me Your Room

This one is much more contemporary and straight forward. Jay Taylor plays Masie, an unhappy housewife with secret sapphic tendencies. Tonight she's making a dinner for her husband's boss and her wife Andrea. As soon as they arrive, Masie is instantly attracted to Andrea, and who wouldn't be? She's played by Angela White.

After a bit of polite dinner time banter, Andrea asks for a house tour. She toys with Masie and they end up in the master bedroom together.

What can I say? It's Angela White giving another woman her first lesbian experience. It's great. It's just what one should want out of this set-up.

Here's the thing about Angela White. It's very easy to film her incorrectly, to fetishize her. The camera remains respectful, and full of admiration for her amazing charisma and physique.

Jay Taylor's body is full of little skips and twitches, she comes across as hyper-sensitive, easily stimulated, and she's completely at the mercy of White. Or is she? Enthusiastic consent is woven through this entire scene and it gives Jay the control over every little thing. I enjoy that porn is paying more attention to this. It's one way to the path of normalizing it.

I once more felt feelings during this. Not to the extent of the first short, but they were there. I was so happy for Masie to have her sexual desires thoroughly fulfilled by a kind, beautiful sex goddess. There was real "Oh my God I can't believe this is really happening," energy to it. It felt very real.

Is it perfect? No. The audio levels are unbalanced and I had to keep raising and lowering the volume. The sex scene has no music. One could imagine music from the dining room floating into the bedroom, hiding the passionate moans. It would have added a sense of danger and realism.

Also, it runs just a touch too long. Near the end I felt the women were losing energy. Cut maybe five minutes of it.

But I suppose Angela White having too much lesbian sex on my screen is a good problem to have.


Just Spend The Night

This one was by far the least enjoyable.

Obviously it's good to work through our issues in a healthy way. And obviously LGBT kids in the 90's had a rough time, but I've already seen this director tell this story. It was called Teenage Lesbian and it's one of my favourite adult films ever made.

Khloe Kapri plays Charlie, a high-school graduate lesbian who drives her 19 year old sister to a sleepover with other 19 year olds. There Charlie is branded "LEZ" on her forehead in lipstick by the other girls. While Charlie washes it off in the bathroom, Eden, played by Gia Derza, walks in to check on her and the two ladies fuck.

We're made to believe that Eden doesn't fuck girls and Charlie probably hasn't had many experiences but they're balancing on bathroom appliances, fucking like porn stars and just…eh. There is commentary in here about how vicious women can be to one another but it's kind of over before it starts.

Also, Brooklyn Gray is in this and she doesn't fuck anybody.

Might I have enjoyed this scene more if the movie started with this? Maybe. It had two very tough acts to follow and it lives in the shadow of the acclaimed Teenage Lesbian. If the film had started with this story I might actually have liked the other two even more, as impossible as that sounds.


Best Moment: The finger interlaced hand-holding in the Mormon story. It was then I knew I was in for something special.

Worst Moment: The porny-ness of the third story. It could have been some sweet lesbian bath time together or something.

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.