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Title: True Lesbian Vol 2
Starring: Jenna Foxx, Aaliyah Love, Jane Wilde, Kenna James, April Olsen
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis: This Girlsway series is devoted to producing real erotic stories about lesbian sex that are rooted in positive representation and authenticity, to create respectful, uplifting, and meaningful entertainment for both traditional and queer audiences. Real first-time lesbian sex experiences, intimate exploration, and WLW romance and relationships unfold between women with genuine chemistry, attraction and sexual tension in this web series. - Via
Lilith's Notes: The second set of True Lesbian stories.

"I...I wanna kiss you..."

Once more we are venturing into the bittersweet world of True Lesbian. When I last reviewed this anthology I was left with so many feelings! Let's see if this new crop of stories leaves me the same way.

We begin with The First Day

Angela (played by Aaliyah Love) is seemingly abandoned by her family and husband after coming out as a lesbian. She finds the courage to hire a sex worker named Kira (played by Jenna Foxx) so she can have her first same sex experience. Kira lays down the rules that she gets paid up front and she doesn't party. Angela hands Kira an envelope of cash.

Aaliyah Love plays nervous energy well. Also she kind of looks like Maggie Pierce from Grey's Anatomy so it's fun to pretend Maggie's life took a detour between seasons or something.

You're going to snicker when you read the next line but I'm being completely serious. Porn needs subtitles. Or at least better sound balancing. With the rise of enthusiastic consent, all the "can I take off your panties" and "do you want me to lick you there" and "tell me how this feels", I want to know what they're saying. Not necessarily hear it, just know. It's all quiet mumbles too low to decipher then a rush of giggles and then overwhelming kissing and sucking sounds. I genuinely feel like I'm missing key information. Maybe even character development. And what about the hard of hearing? Or people who have roommates and watch in near silence?

If this tangent made you laugh that's fine, I am here to entertain you.

Anyway, this scene is fine. They go on and on about Angela's lingerie being pretty but it's really not. But overall it was rather wholesome. There's a great shot of Angela writhing on the bed as her climax builds. Her leg is in the foreground and her body just moves in waves. It's dynamic and there's a lot of story being communicated.

The next morning Angela wakes up and Kira is gone, but she has left behind the envelope of cash. With the cash, she left a note that says "welcome to the first day of the rest of your life”.

You're left with a sense that Angela is going to be okay. A simple story, but we'll done.


Bad Reputation

Andi (Jane Wilde) and Sarah (April Olsen) are girls who go to a private school. Andi is the daughter of the Principal and has been held back twice! A 20 year old still in high school! She has romantic angst about Sarah. They kiss in the woods and go back to Andi’s place to fuck. I’ve been writing reviews on this site for a few years now, and on occasion, a bright shining star eludes me. I don’t give them the attention they deserve when I first encounter them.

I have been sleeping on Jane Wilde.

I first saw Jane Wilde, I think, in 3 Cheers for Satan, but of course I was distracted by the glorious, fun presence of Kira Noir and Kenzie Reeves so Wilde passed me by.

This time, she drew me in.

She’s cute, but has a hint of grit to her. And when she fucks she completely wraps herself around her partner. She’s the kind of girl who will hug you with her arms and legs.

There comes a moment in this scene where Jane Wilde just stops acting and allows herself to feel the pleasure. I absolutely love it when that happens. It’s such a genuine moment and it strengthens the connection between the characters.

And then April Olsen passionately grinds Jane Wilde into the bed.

Fuck yeah.

And they just. Don’t. Stop. They keep going! They’re both obviously past their threshold, and drained but also insatiable and fuck some more and I love it. It was great. Emotionally resonant? Not really, but a good, naughty fuck-fest where dreams come true and bad girls get what they want? Perfect.

I want them to fuck under the bleachers during the big football game. And then backpack across the globe together. Yes. Please.


Kindred Spirits

Oh look! It’s Jane Wilde again! With one of my favourite performers, Kenna James.

This time, Jane Wilde is playing Melanie, and she’s going to a lesbian retreat. It’s quite granola and breezy. Ava (played by Kenna James) stands up and reads a poem she wrote. Her writings carry themes or running, of burning, of predator and prey. Melanie confesses she felt like Ava was speaking directly to her, and Ava confirms she could look at no one else in the room but Melanie.

Then, they fuck.

It’s fun, but to be honest there’s not much to say about it. The ladies didn’t have the same level of connection that Andi and Sarah had. They were clearly enjoying themselves and having a good time but it just didn’t spark the same.

An easy, uncomplicated story and some fine sex between two lovely women who both have boundless charisma. Good, but not amazing.


There we have it. Nothing here hit the amazing highs of the first volume but nothing hit those lows, either. Bree Mills gave us three tales of lesbian joy and passion, which is good. Life is difficult and it’s nice to just sit back, relax and watch pretty untroubled women happily fuck.

Best Moment: That moment when Jane Wilde completely lost her senses to pleasure

Worst Moment: The sound mixing in the first story. Help a girl out!


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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