3 Cheers for Satan - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat IV

Title: 3 Cheers for Satan
Starring:Kenzie Reeves, Kira Noir, Jane Wilde, Small Hands, Kyle Mason, Joanna Angel, Alex Legend
Director: Joanna Angel
Synopsis: It's 1999, and cheerleaders Kenzie Reeves, Kira Noir, and Jane Wilde complain that they're 18 and graduating high school this year. Kenzie casually mentions that she'd sell her soul to look 18 forever and suddenly, in a puff of fire and brimstone, Principal Taylor appears. But there's something off about him, and it's not just the cloud of infernal smoke . . . He's actually the DEVIL. - Via AdultEmpire.com.
Lilith's Notes: It won Best Action Thriller at the 2020 AVNs and Best Sex Scene for a Comedy at XBIZ 2020.

"What do virgins have to live for anyways?"

This is more like it. This is what I wanted, no, expected, nay, demanded The Summoning to be.

Three teenage cheerleaders, Kenzie, Kira and Jane, are graduating. Fearing the march of time, they sell their souls and bodies to The Devil for eternal youth. “Eternity” ends up being only 20 years and every 20 years the pact must be renewed by sacrificing a virgin.

They all agree and then this happens:


This scene is creepy and fun. The ladies are robotic, entranced and puppet-like, their eyes rolled back to show the whites. They shudder and jerk and writhe around their new lord in their perfect bodies.

Then everyone fucks. I wish they kept the masks on.

20 years later, Kira and Kenzie can feel the pact fading, along with their looks, but Jane has moved on from her wild teen years and does not want to renew the pact. She grew up, and started a family. Will the devil get his due?

We then are introduced to Tommy, played by Tommy Pistol. He’s a practicing warlock and full-time virgin. He’s having a lot of fun in this role. He’s constantly coming up with endearingly cringy puns and one-liners related to the occult. Pistol really got into it and fully committed to the bit.

Through various plot points, Joanna Angel enters the film and she has a great deal of charm.

This was fun! Kenzie Reeves, Kira Noir and Jane Wilde play off each other well. While none of them are acting particularly well, they all get their points across and everyone's motivations are clear. Small Hands is obviously having a good time and revels in the role of The Devil. The opening foursome scene was engaging throughout. It was over the top, with a lot of body contortions, but not gross or overtly depraved.

While the film doesn't take itself too seriously, it still commits fully to the idea. Everyone stays in character in every moment, even during the sex scenes.

Both the comedy and the horror aspects work. The gore makeup was nothing special but it was effectively gooey. The entire movie was basically a porn version of Death Becomes Her.

It was an entertaining flick. I enjoyed it. It had the right amounts of cheesiness, horror, and porn.

Best Moment: The ritual scene. It needed more masks. They should have fucked wearing the masks.

Worst Moment: The final sex scene. It’s fine, and necessary for the story, but it maybe could have been staged better and Alex Legend didn’t really seem to be enjoying himself.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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