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Title: Lola and Maxie Get Off
Starring: Abigail Mac, Charlotte Stokely, Aidra Fox, Jay Smooth, Seth Gamble,
Director: Skye Blue
Synopsis: Lola and Maxie are two of the hottest dancers at their local strip club. But they get even hotter after they find themselves in jail together. Both are accused of killing their own husbands Jack and Joe and are desperate to do anything - and anyone to get out. When they discover that the circumstances of their husbands' murders give them perfect alibis, they lay it all on the line. Can Lola and Maxie get it get off? - Via
Lilith's Notes: It was up for Best Feature Production for the 2020 Nightmoves Awards.

"I'm innocent"

Lola & Maxie Get Off is a Lynchian fever dream pretending to be a porno.

This movie begins with a recommendation that viewers follow surgeon general guidelines of sex and that this movie is for entertainment and educational purposes. Is the educational goal to show how awkward sex is?

The movie opens in the cheapest strip club known to man. So cheap the strippers have no music to dance to. Maxie, played by Abigail Mac, and Lola, played by Charlotte Stokely randomly sway and rub up against the pole silently. That’s when the awkward, uncomfortable uncanny valley quality of this film begins to set in. I was reminded of the Musicless Music Videos on Youtube.

Aidra Fox fucks Maxie’s husband and it’s the second best scene in the movie. The next scene, Maxie is sitting among the bloody corpses of her husband and Aidra Fox.

Then, Maxie is in prison and she fucks some man without any context provided. Is he a guard? The warden? Is he forcing her to do this? She looks very willing. Context is important.

Does she need toothpaste? Has she not had dick in a year and a half?

I found the lack of context, story and set-up annoying. It made me resent the fact that Abigail Mac was wasting the effort of giving a premium blowjob. He didn’t deserve such attention.

The scene changes and some man, I dunno, the warden I guess, fucks two super-consenting inmates. Why? Hell if I know.

This movie is devoid of anything and everything except sex. There are no characters, barely a plot, no music, no sets, no sense of the passage of time, nothing.

The movie picks up in the last 30 minutes because Lola and Maxie fuck. It’s the best scene in the film because Abigail Mac falls out of character and looks like she’s really, really enjoying herself. She’s not acting, she’s just living in the moment.

Lola and Maxie are released and return to dancing at The Strip Club For The Deaf And Hard of Hearing and we get a flashback where we learn Maxie was indeed guilty of double murder.

This is some of the cheapest shit I have ever seen. This had popular performers in it and was put out by a well known studio. How did this turn out so bad? I kind of want some insider info about how this was made.

This was bad. It could have been worse, but barely.

Best Moment:When Abigail Mac completely lets go and shows how much she’s enjoying herself.

Worst Moment: Where’s the music? Where’s the context? Where are we? WHY are we?!


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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