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Title: The Electra Complex
Starring: Karlee Grey, Charles Dera, Angela White
Director: Bree Mills, Craven Moorehead
Synopsis: Bruce, a handsome blue-collar man, sits solemnly cracking his knuckles. He is staring blankly at a photo of his late wife. His step-daughter Laurie went from being a typical happy girl to a distant, resentful stranger. Father and daughter sit down as the therapist begins her session. She tells Laurie that she has been counselling Bruce since her mother's untimely passing. The therapist, who has been calmly takes her notes, walks back over to her library and pulls out a book. "I understand the root of this now," she says. "Have either of you heard of the Electra Complex?
Lilith's Notes: It was only a matter of time before this subject was mined for porn gold.

"Bond with him."

Boy. Families sure are complicated aren't they? They each have unique dynamics that each member has to navigate. What happens when something upends that dynamic?

The Electra Complex is brought to us from Adult Time and tells the tale of a step father and step daughter and their hate-love relationship.

The daughter Laurie (played by Karlee Grey) is acting out and being willfully defiant in the face of her step father Bruce. (played by Charles Dera.)

They go to family therapy where the therapist, (played by Angela White) realizes that the root of their drama lies in the phenomenon called The Electra Complex, wherein the daughter feels jealousy and competition with the mother for the father's attention and affection. The therapist encourages Laurie to role-playing as her own mother, and to see her step father as her loving husband. What would she do to her loving husband? How would she act?

Equally, Bruce is told to see Laurie not as the step daughter he had known since she was a baby, but as his beautiful wife. What follows is a session of boundary-smashing sexual exploration and long denied yearning fulfilled.

Then, the therapist joins in, playing the role of the daughter.

It's a short film, running at just over an hour long, and that's all the time it needs in order to tell the story it wants to.

While the acting isn't the best, both Dera and Grey overact hard, with awkward long pauses between words, and flubbed lines, there's still a degree of chemistry there, especially when the clothes start to come off. They look good when they fuck.

The saving grace, as always, is Angela White, soft spoken and installed in a role of authority. I do like me some in-control Angela White.

The three performers arrange themselves in an array of positions and no one is left out, which is always the sign of a good thrupple or moresome. There are also an array of kinks, from squirt, to face fucking, to a climactic snowballing.

It's not flawless of course. Line delivery aside, it’s a very dialogue-heavy scenario and Grey is constantly blowing out the mic with her squeals while Angela White tries to navigate the therapeutic experiment in her soft tones.

Still, in the end I actually wanted Bruce and Laurie to conceive a child and build a new family together. Sadly, he came on her bush. But, that's not the end of the jizz journey.

This was enjoyable. Not spectacular, but I wasn't annoyed, offended, or bored. The characters had chemistry, and the fucking was fun. Most importantly, Karlee Grey made me believe she had wanted to fuck Bruce for a long time and her dream was finally coming true. Sell the fantasy.

Sadly, no one called Angela White "mommy", which, if you ask me, is a huge missed opportunity.

Best Moment: The fact that Laurie really, really wanted to fuck Bruce and yet it was the therapist that made her squirt.

Worst Moment: The film opens with Bruce making a pb&j and the sound of the knife scraping along the jar set my fucking teeth on edge.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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