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Title: Anyone Will Do
Starring: Ember Snow, Seth Gamble
Director: Anatomik Media
Synopsis: Jennie has been planning to become a single parent for several months, with an adoption lined up that is expected any day now. The agency director informs her that the person who was supposed to put the baby up for adoption has had a change of heart and now Jennie will return to the waiting list. She doesn't care about doing things 'the right way' anymore and wants to get pregnant NOW. - Via
Lilith's Notes: N/A

"I don't need you. I got what I needed."

After a month of the most classic of classic adult films I was craving something contemporary. I first heard of Anyone Will Do from PureTaboo's Twitter account. It teased a tale about a woman who's application to adopt was rejected by the agency and in desperation she puts out an ad for a man to come over and creampie her until she's pregnant. 

While breeding and impregnation are not my kinks, I was looking forward to this scene very much because I was hoping for something emotional and gripping, something in the tradition of Fertile. I want to be punched in the guts by feelings. I mean, just look at that promo image!

Unfortunately the only emotion I picked up from Ember Snow was anger. As she trashed her room all I could imagine was the adoption agency saying "I'm sorry but your application was rejected because you appear to have serious anger issues." 

Her emotional fit isn't as bad as in Tommy Wiseau's The Room but it's no Citizen Kane either.

After some unfruitful calls to what I assume are exes, she puts out a personal ad online and a random guy (Played by Seth Gamble) shows up at her door and they fuck.

There's a hint of female-on-male ravishment in the beginning and I dug that a lot. She doesn't want foreplay, she doesn't want him to go down on her, she just wants to milk that cock until it's spent. I can respect that. Too soon, the ravishing sort of fades away and it devolves into a typical porn, with him covering her mouth, and him moving her body around and so forth. About halfway through he begins constantly shushing her,and I was a little uncomfortable. Maybe he couldn't concentrate with all her affirming cries but, it felt too much like he was taking control.most likely she was being too loud and the porno they were shooting in the other room could hear them.

There was a fun shot where he basically just paws at her clit, slow and firm and that was memorable. I enjoy little bits of out of the box shots like that 

Finally he ejaculated inside her and, as always, if pregnancy is your plotting then I better not see a facial, or a moneyshot. Every single drop of jizz should be deposited into that woman.

This didn't disappoint. When a drop does escape her pussy, she frantically plugs herself up so more more leaks out. She tells him to leave and it ends.

So, this is fine for your standard porno but I expected so much more.

First off, the title, Anyone Will Do. I expected a bunch of guys to run a train on her. If not that, maybe one by one they come to her home and load her up. ANYone. But it was just one guy.

There is a scene where we see she has a bunch of negative pregnancy tests, so we can assume she's been sleeping around, and I guess we could infer that this is but one encounter but the set up with the personal ad doesn't lend itself to that sort of interpretation. 

If they didn't want to go for emotional, then they could have played this as a comedy. Picture it: a bunch of different partners, but maybe one can't get it up. Another cums as soon as she touches him. A third is a woman. A fourth is an old man. Then finally the actual DNA donor.

The other problem with this film is that it just ends. She doesn't take another test and sees it's positive, there's no flash forward to her with a baby bump, or pushing a stroller, or the kid's first day at school. Maybe she has twins. We never find out. Like I said, this isn't my kink but if it's the conceit of your film you should see it through to the logical conclusion. The film is only 37 minutes long, cut the sex by like 15 seconds and give us closure. Even text on the screen. Something.

It's fine for what it is, I just wanted more of what it claimed to be.

Best Moment: Near the beginning she blindfolds him with his own t-shirt. That was fun. It really sold the idea she just wanted his dick.

Worst Moment: The lack of closure.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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