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Title: XConfessions Vol 26
Starring: Victoria Rose, Nat Portnoy, Maximo Garcia, Luna Corazón, Jan Ehret, Dion De Rossi, Kaya Lin, Stevie Trixx, Holycouple, Brad Truckee, Daniela Escalona, Manuel Melinkoff 
Director: Various
Synopsis: Say hello to XConfessions volume 26! Six new erotic stories based on crowdsourced sexual confessions and fantasies come to life with these XConfessions short movies. In this volume, you’ll discover what happens when pleasure, eroticism and cinema become one… - Via ErikaLust.com
Lilith's Notes: I came for Elemental but stayed for the rest.

"Can I kiss you?"

Early March the San Fanscisco Porn Film Fest Twitter account asked the internet:

“What is the most thought-provoking, unexpected, and/or jaw-droppingly beautiful adult film you’ve seen?”

I, being me, said Safe Word, followed by Possession and Perspective. I was mostly thinking about the thought-provoking aspect of the question.

Most gave the respectable answers of Cafe Flesh and Nightdreams.

Dagda Foto entered the thread and suggested the film Elemental. So I did a Google search and discovered it was featured in a volume of XConfessions.

Since I was still frazzled from a book release, I didn't feel like committing to a long film this week, and decided that I craved small, bite sized porn. Porn d'oeuvres, if you will.

XConfessions 26 once more features 6 sexy stories submitted by people, and adapted into short films.

But, we all know why we're here so let's start with the best.

Director: Juilia Patey

Guys. Elemental is beautiful. The prompt was basically "I just let my mind wander" and what the film making team produced was stunning. It was like if Terence Malik did porn but it wasn't pretentious. It's incidental porn in the fact that two nameless characters are fucking sometimes but it's not about sex. It's about sensuality. The quiet pleasure of a hot shower, the elongated ritual of preparing tea, the languid indulgence of a great cigarette.

The two people fuck, but it's more like a dance; a meditation on the shape and curves of the human body, how light and shadow plays on skin.

Also the lady performer (Victoria Rose) is supernaturally beautiful. She shouldn't be something that exists in real life, she's too ethereal.

There are extended scenes of her exhaling thick clouds of smoke and it's captivating to watch it flow out from between her lips and crawl up her face, then dissipate as wisps of it cling to the lashes of her closed eyes.

The only draw backs were that her orgasm was kind of airy and easy to miss, and also the man came and then the whole thing was just over. Still, I would have gladly watched an hour of this.

There aren't words enough to do this short justice, it must be experienced.

But what about the other offerings in this collection?

Director: Erika Lust

This volume opens up with an adventure into ASMR.

In general, I don't like ASMR. I consider myself a person with a great appreciation for sound, sound triggers memory in me the way smell does for most people. My absolute favorite sound is tensing, crunching leather. I love it.

When it comes to ASMR, I become uncomfortable. I think I'm just very aware of latent mouth sounds.

But this short gave me a sort of appreciation for it. Still, there are good visuals present in it, which is a contradiction to the idea. At one point, Erika Lust places her palms flat on the table, her shoulders coiled like a predator about to pounce, and looks through the camera, directly into the viewer’s eyes.

The participants exploring and creating the sounds of sex do what they can. They play with latex skirts as they snap and peel off of the skin. They spank. They kiss. They drool. But, after a while I feels like the forget that they’re supposed to be producing sensual sound and they’re just fucking.

It’s a respectable attempt but maybe too reliant on a film-maker’s instincts.

LIKE A BUTTERFLY Director: Maximus Skaff
Like a Butterfly is cute and artsy. It begins with a spoken poem, and animation featuring caterpillars and butterflies and a really detailed butterfly costume that any respectable furry would love. Then, a couple have sex in a glittery pink cocoon of safety.

It’s very intimate and somehow freeing. There’s not much to say, but it’s just all very tender. It’s comfortably gentle to watch the lady pleasure her partner with a cupid’s-bow mouth. They’re clearly enjoying one another and the cocoon gives a feeling of being uninhibited.

There’s a slight over-use of lens-flare though, which I found a little distracting.

A gentle, profound story of two people being completely open and accepting of one another.


Elemental was then shown, but I already spoke of it. Pity the film that has to follow this one.

Director: Lis Freimer

I feel bad. This is someone’s fantasy. Someone took a leap, shot their shot, and sent in their little fantasy to Lust Cinema, hoping it would get chosen and made. And it did.

I mean this with all sincerity: Good for you, dreamer! I hope your fantasy was brought to life to your satisfaction. I hope you watched it over, and over again. This goes for all the XConfession films.

For me, it didn’t hit the spot. The confession talks of an “ intense kaleidoscope of colour, heat, music and passion.”

And it’s just two people in a dimly lit room fucking for 15 minutes. There are random jump-cuts and the whole thing is very quiet.

The woman performer has lovely hair, though.

Director: Poppy Cox

A woman wants a hairy man to fuck. Her barista is hairy. She fantasizes about fucking him and masturbates. In the end, he writes “Call me!” on her receipt.

It feels like it goes on forever, yet, by contrast, it also captures the concept of fantasy very well; The nonlinear order of events, the change of locations, and so forth.

Another one that wasn’t for me but I can appreciate what they were trying to do.

Director: Charlie Benedetti

Finally, we close out with Sleeping Beauty. A tale of smashing gender steriotypes and quashing rape culture.

A non-gender-conforming prince finds the sleeping princess, and asks if he can kiss her. When there is no response, he wanders off to psyche himself up for kissing an unconscious woman. She wakes, he asks again if he can kiss her, and she says “You can fuck me”

And then they fuck.

It’s a cute little story about consent and it’s really charming. The set, meager as it is, it nice, the costumes, hair and makeup are lovely and give grace to the idea of fairytale, and the couple looks good when they fuck. The only real draw back is that it’s too short. I could have enjoyed at least an extra five minutes.


Not everything needs to be artsy, and not everything needs to appeal to everyone. XConfessions lives in a world where there’s something for you, something for me, and the hope that we will be able to put ourselves out there and be seen, no matter what our confessions might be.

Best Moment: The entirety of Elemental, but particularly the smoke clinging to her face.

Worst Moment: In Hersuit, there is armpit licking. Not my cup of tea, but others might enjoy it.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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