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Title: Another Life
Starring: Angela White, Skye Blue, Tommy Pistol
Director: Whitney Wright
Synopsis: Famous Hollywood actress, Jocelyn, is hosting a little party with her famous model girlfriend and a few other industry elites. The friends discuss what Jocelyn would have done if she didn't take the plane from her boring mid-west home to LA to get her very first big break. It was a just a short and simple "what if" that kept Jocelyn's mind buzzing. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: I could watch Angela White read a take out menu and be satisfied.

"I am offering you an opportunity many people would kill for."

Last year for the Lilith Likes to Watch anniversary, I reveled in things I enjoyed. I have no such theme this year. However, one of the things I absolutely allowed myself to admire and praise was Angela White.

So, let’s bring her back, shall we?

Another Life features Angela White, who plays Jocelyn, an actress who’s in a relationship with another woman (played by Skye Blue). She and Skye are entertaining friends (played by Whitney Wright and Brock Doom) at home while bemoaning the existence of paparazzi. Just a typical evening in the life of a celebrity. Jocelyn is telling a story about how she had a literal run-in with “Alex Baldwin”, and the first time I heard it, well, you know what I thought I heard. Obviously on first viewing Jocelyn’s little story about how Baldwin was texting his dog sitter and causing a small vehicle collision didn’t age well in 2023.

The visit ends and Jocelyn and Skye go up to bed. We learn that someone, somehow was unfaithful in this relationship. I think Skye cheated but it’s oddly coy about being straightforward. Skye bristles at discussing it, choosing to refer to it as “a hiccup”. Skye manages to rekindle the night time passion and the two ladies make love.

I really enjoyed the erotic performances in this half of the film. I am not into foot stuff but seeing Angela White lick and kiss another woman’s foot is the exception to the rule. It was pleasantly sensual and intimate.

As the scene goes on, Angela White puts Skye’s panties in her mouth and goes in for a kiss. Thank you for these small, perfect moments, Ms. White.

The rest of the scene just keeps being great. There’s nothing really to point out here in the negative. It’s two pretty women having sex and it’s a spicy delight to watch.

There in lies the problem. It’s too good. See, we’ve said this before on this blog, Angela White has chemistry with a goddamned rock if asked. Therefore, when the character of Jocelyn is given the opportunity to experience life had she made other choices, we don’t get the feeling that she’s unhappy enough to decide to explore the other path.

Jocelyn wakes up to another life. Her house is different, apparently. She’s married to a jerk of a man, and instead of acting, she’s a photographer.

Tommy (Played by Tommy Pistol) stops by, and the pair simultaneously reminisce and recount Jocelyn’s new life. They were old friends from school and had grand plans to go to LA for their careers but this Jocelyn met her husband and stayed in her comfortable yet unfulfilling life.

Or is it unfulfilling? The thing is, this entire story is cagey about what exactly happened and what Jocelyn is meant to be feeling. She is given a chance to “have time back”, but that’s not what happens. It results in the two halves of the film feeling like they were written round-robin style. One concept, and the output is a clash of interpretations.

Also, Jocelyn learns she was right to find happiness in the arms of Tommy, which feels regressively heteronormative. Jocelyn even says being with him feels natural, which implies that being with a woman is not natural. I didn't like it, it came across as thoughtless. Not malicious or anything, just needed a second pair of eyes on the script.

I sort of wish the two loves of Jocelyn were reversed, something like her husband is a jerk, and she cheats on him with Tommy, then is given the choice to see her other life and finds happiness as an actress who bangs Skye Blue nightly.

The saving grace is that Angela White and Tommy Pistol always work well together, and that makes the resolution of Another Life acceptable.

Like Whitney Wright’s Adelaide, Another Life has some confusing plot points that need fleshing out. It feels like it had an idea but was burdened with difficulty communicating said idea.

However, while there is arguably a better story hidden somewhere in this dialogue, the actual sex scenes are very hot, with just a little nibble of gonzo and highly enjoyable. If you want to watch Angela White get some pleasure from both a man and a woman, Another Life will probably do it for you.

Best Moment: The panty in the teeth kiss.

Worst Moment: The lack of clarity in the plot. i've said it before but porn shouldn't make me have to think this hard.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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