The Governess - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: The Governess
Starring: Whitney Wright, Jill Kassidy, Chad White
Director: MissaX
Synopsis: Jill White has called the Governess agency for a brand new teacher. She carefully selected the highest educated, the most professional governess hoping to find the oldest, the most dowdy, unappealingly strict teacher they could send. Her husband, Chad, had an affair with the last governess and the Whites are seeing a therapist to get past his betrayal. She knows if she chooses the most over-qualified governess, she'd certainly be sharing her home with a grandmother-type and Chad will not be tempted to stray for an elderly woman. The door bell rings and Jill opens the door to see the most stunning brunette woman with sparkling blue eyes staring back at her. - Via Adult
Lilith's Notes: Thus ends the fifth anniversary month!
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"I am certainly not going to leave God for a hot piece of ass like you."

You know the belief that porn is rife with bad acting? That’s the meme right? It’s neck and neck with “Oh no, how will I pay for this pizza?!” and “Help, step-brother I’m stuck in the drier!” It might even be head and shoulders above those other two tropes.

It’s not always true. Often it is, but here and there we discover outliers where porn showcases sufficient, some might even say impressive acting.

This is not the case for The Governess. It is pure porn acting. It’s glaringly obvious and takes away from enjoyment of the film. If the acting during dialogue scenes is this stilted, then how convincing will the naughty performances be?

Whitney (Played by Whitney Wright) is interviewed for a job, minding the children of Jill (Played by Jill Kassidy) and her husband Chad (Played by Chad White). At first Jill fears her husband might cheat with the beautiful Whitney, then is thrown by Whitney’s devotion to God and her faith. Whitney manages to seduce Jill and gets the job that way! After all, God doesn’t mind.

The scene between Jill and Whitney starts out satisfying enough, though the kissing was way too loud and sloppy. It wasn’t kissing, it was slathering mouth-sounds.

Sex is moving along fine until roughly the last third of the scene. While doing 69, Whitney keeps looking at the camera. I get the feeling she doesn’t want to be here. The fuck-session culminates into scissoring and it’s, to put it politely, inauthentic. The ladies are just sort of bouncing against each other's crotch. There’s no grinding, it’s just the hollow sights and sounds of two clits clapping.

From there, Whitney literally drops the Holy Nun act and turns into a complete femme fatale. We learn that this was all a ruse by Whitney, that she and Chad had an affair and this is just some sick game to her; a way to get back into Chad’s life.

Enraged, Chad attacks her but passions are high and hate-sex abounds!

Whitney seems far more comfortable in this scene. There’s more energy and just vivaciousness in her performance. It takes place in a sun room and her beautiful body is bathed in the glow of the sun as she and Chad go to town. She goads Chad on as they fuck and as he unloads, she claims that she is part of him forever. Or something.

This was one of those films that offers nothing more than question marks. Why was this such a sub-par venture? Why was the acting so rough? Why was the intimate scenes between the women weirdly perfunctory?

For the firth anniversary of Lilith Likes to Watch, we inadvertently indulged in a single studio’s offerings. We explored All Her Luv and all that Luv MissaX has to offer. The Governess was by far the weakest of all our explorations and indulgences. I’m disappointed that we end on a low note. We can only hope that next year we’ll really have ourselves a banger of a finale.

Only eleven months left to find out.

Best Moment: The sundrenched scene between Whitney and Chad.

Worst Moment: The acing. Yikes.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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