Adelaide - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: Adelaide
Year: 2019
Starring: Gianna Dior, Khloe Kapri, Seth Gamble, Codey Steele
Director: Whitney Wright
Synopsis: Adelaide has a cold, sharp, cool demeanor, and it's difficult for even a talented psychiatrist, like Dr. Roman, to figure her out. She's spun her web and Dr. Roman walked right into it. Can he resist her seduction? Can anyone? - Via
Lilith's Notes: It’s written and directed by Whitney Wright and was nominated for Best Feature Production for the 2020 Nightmoves Awards

"Look what you’ve done."

Dr. Roman is a psychiatrist with a seemingly happy marriage and a thriving practice. Enter Adelaide, a troubled young woman who enjoys leaning into scandalous talk and over-sharing.
Have you ever experienced that feeling when you know you should like something more than you do? That’s Adelaide, for me, anyway.

Dr. Roman and his wife, Holly, are trying for a baby, and right away I’m critical. “Put a baby in me” is a plot that doesn’t lend itself to cum shots or facials. Fortunately, Khloe Kapri remembers her character’s motivation and not a bit of jizz goes to waste.
Then, we meet Adelaide. It’s established that Adelaide’s father isn’t in the picture anymore and she has a poor relationship with the rest of her family.
The next appointment, Adelaide arrives early and finds another of Dr. Roman’s patients. He has been dumped by his girlfriend and Adelaide propositions him. They fuck the way Adelaide likes it: Hard and rough. The scene goes on for almost an hour. How long do sex scenes have to be, really?

Dr. Roman investigates Adelaide and discovers her files were incomplete and the doctor that was tending to her was in a terrible accident. This, combined with the “daddy isn’t in the picture” point stuck in my brain and led me down a path of expectation that went unfulfilled.

Adelaide discovers a secret about Dr. Roman’s wife and seduces her. The two fuck on a couch and Dr. Roman walks in to see them nude. Holly tries to apologize and Adelaide gets dressed and casually leaves the scene.

What follows is the best scene of the film. Holly and Adelaide both draw baths for themselves and the shots switch back and forth between the two women. Adelaide enjoys a good sexy soak while Holly grabs a bottle of pills.

Dr. Roman goes to Adelaide’s home and sees a shrine to her own insanity and fixation of him on her wall. They fuck. What’s nice about this scene is that it’s more tender than the previous sex scenes. He gave in and he was all she wanted. He calmed her wild streak.

There’s an orchestral score that plays during the film and it’s really nice. It’s elegant but at times ominous and intense. It sets the mood for the whole thing really well, especially during the aforementioned bath scene.

But, this movie is a valley of set ups with no pay off. The movie established Adelaide’s father was gone, so I honestly expected a twist where Dr. Roman turned out to be Adelaide’s father and that she knew that. But it never happened. I was set up for something that never had any pay off and I’m left unsatisfied. If this were a mainstream film I would suspect that this was an issue of studio interference. It’s just full of these dangling threads.

This had potential. If I was here purely for physical want and a desire to simply get off, then this is probably fine but I can see what this could have been and it just falls short. It looks good, it sounds great, and that one bathtub montage was inspired, but I just wanted more.

Best Moment: The bath tub sequence.

Worst Moment: Holly and Dr. Roman don’t interact since the scene were he finds her fucking Adelaide. That plotline isn’t fully resolved.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.