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Title: Starstruck
Starring: Lilly Bell, Maya Woulfe
Director:Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: Lilly already has a girlfriend, but she's attracted to a girl Maya who she met at open mic night at a local coffee shop, and arranges to take guitar lessons from her. It seems her girlfriend has been neglecting her lately. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Second All Her Luv flick in a row!

"Come and taste me."

It’s been five years since I started this blog and this month I should be putting all my energy into it. It deserves no less than that. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy these last few weeks working hard on a secret project.

It’s a book, of course. Again!

So, in my never-ending quest for cultivating motivation and inspiration, I watched Starstruck, by Ricky Greenwood.

Lilly (played by Lilly Bell) has an estranged relationship. She sees Maya (played by Maya Woulfe) at a coffee shop and enquires about receiving guitar lessons. It all starts well! The guitar lesson is earnestly charming, not just one, two strums then sex, like so many “hey we have a plot!” pornos. The guitar lesson takes up an entire three minutes of the forty-one minute runtime. Talk about taking your time!

But Lilly just can’t control her impulses around such a beautiful, talented and kind girl, so she kisses Maya, who immediately takes offense and figures this request for a lesson was just a pretense to get into her pants. Angry, she leaves.

That night, Lilly and her girlfriend (played by Kay Lovely) have sex. If you can call it that. The scene is completely simulated, with ADR sucking and licking and slurping sounds. You know that moment in The Breakfast Club where Allison slurps the soda off the table? Yeah, it sounds like that. It’s very disappointing and completely ruins the moment.

Credit to Lilly Bell, she tries her darndest to make it look like she is in the throes of ecstasy. It doesn’t work, but that’s through no fault of her own.

Lilly accidentally murmurs Maya’s name and I don’t blame her because she has to think of something to get through her girlfriend’s fakery!

After Lilly’s girlfriend is done pretending to fuck her, Lilly roles over. Her girlfriend asks “Did you call me Maya?” And she denies it. Until her girlfriend finds Maya’s number on a slip of paper.

Maya acts the bigger person and apologizes for overreacting and offers to teach her again. One thing leads to another and soon the ladies are fucking.

The sex is hot and quite enjoyable. It’s over twenty minutes long but remains both sweet and dynamic through the whole thing. It does not overstay its welcome at all. You know it’s quality when the film cross dissolves into another position and it doesn’t interrupt the flow. Instead, in this case, it communicates the idea that the pair have been going at it a while.

Although I was watching on the edge of my seat, wondering if the girlfriend was going to walk in on the pair fucking on the living room couch. But this movie didn’t seem to want to deal with meaningless little inconveniences like that.

The sex scene concludes with a sweet moment wherein Lilly and Maya are pleasuring themselves while holding hands and looking in each other’s eyes. It’s really sweet.

The sweetness is broken however, when Maya tells Lilly she doesn’t usually get a girl who’s single. Lilly lets the truth about having a girlfriend hang in the air, a deafening silence.

The ending makes you think, though not in the way Perspective or Through The Looking Glass or Confessions of a Peanut Butter Freak might make you think. No, instead you’re left confused. Is Lilly going to tell Maya about her girlfriend? Is she going to keep seeing both girls? Is there a Part II in the works that might investigate these questions?

Don’t stress over it too much. If you just want hot sex between two young women and minimal but completely cogent and down to earth plot, maybe pick this up. If nothing else, it was crafted with quality and care and will likely get you off. And I know, deep down, that’s all you really want.

Best Moment: The handheld masturbation moment was just perfection

Worst Moment: The fake sex between Kay Lovely and Lilly Bell. No thank you.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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