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Title: The Family Secret
Starring: Kenzie Reeves, Helena Locke, Haley Reed
Director: Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: I see my beautiful stepmom and I feel as if she's busted me. I'm going out on a date, it's my very first date with a GIRL. My parents don't know I'm a lesbian, and I'm keeping it a secret from them. I'm eighteen years old, I live under their roof, and I worry that they'll not only kick me out, but they'll disown me. I've lived with lots of families, and it seems like just as I start to feel a part of the family; they reject me. I finally feel like I fit in, and there is just no way I would let in on anything remotely controversial about me. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: Welcome to Lilith Likes to Watch 5th anniversary!

"I trust you, will you be my first kiss?"

Welcome to September, a very special month, because it is Lilith Likes to Watch anniversary! We’ve been reviewing naughty films for half a decade now, and we have no intention of slowing down.

This year, we don’t really have a theme, we’re just watching what strikes our fancy. We answer to no one but ourselves.

So, to kick off this month, we dove into the offerings of the All Her Luv site and uncovered The Family Secret.

Katie (Played by Kenzie Reeves) is adopted and confesses to her mother (Played by Helena Locke) that she likes girls. Katie admits she’s never done anything with another woman. Her mother tells her that she has been with women in the past. She gets a brilliant idea and sits Katie and herself back to back. Through the power of guided meditation and breathing exercises, Katie is instructed on how to please a woman.

It’s a great scene, and plays off of the so-close-yet-so-far trope that I feel I don’t see very often. It’s at once intimate and at the same time, so distant. The two engage in a sweet but frantic call and response of how sweet lesbian sex with a partner can be. It almost seems, I don’t know, special?

That night, Katie confesses to her sister Bella (Played by Haley Reed) that she likes girls, and Bella teaches her how to kiss, using an apple as a prop. It's a nicely framed shot, with both women sensually kissing and licking the apple, and occasionally each other's fingers. It’s a slow burn and thick with erotic atmosphere, yet somehow, it all comes across as quite wholesome.

The explorations grow more bold and soon the adopted sisters are full on fucking. One great thing about this film is that it has some of the best dirty talk I’ve heard in a long time. I’m not a fan of dirty talk and to be honest, I’m not sure this qualifies. But to hear Kenzie Reeves beg for Haley Reed to “Just stay inside me” as she’s riding the waves of pleasure from an enthusiastic tongue lashing is exquisite.

This entire scene has some great physical performances. Some fairly extreme positions cozy up to mewling affirmations and gentle begging. It’s all somehow tender even as the ladies are spitting in one another’s mouths.

The scene culminates with Katie and Bella sitting side by side as they masturbate one another and a sisterly bond is forged in ecstasy.

The following day, the mother confesses to Katie that she and her father have an arrangement. Father is allowed to step outside the marriage if Mother is allowed to sleep with women. Well, this year she doesn’t have a lady friend and asks Katie to fill the role.

Which Katie does with aplomb.

This is the weakest of the scenes. It’s just kind of, I don’t know, underwhelming? In my mind I was crafting a much better story about how an older sister had come home from school and wanted to teach her younger sister everything she learned in college. Wouldn’t that have been a fun scene?

While this final scene was a little bit of a let down, it still has some truly amazing grinding action. It was very, very good and definitely rescues the moment.

The Family Secret doesn’t exactly strive for greatness, or to rise above the ilk and yet there are some moments in here that crystalize into perfection. It’s very hot, the acting is good, the sets and props were creative and even the costumes are on point.

Need some naughty taboo women who love women? I can recommend this with my whole chest.

Best Moment: The scene between Katie and Bella is just pure gold. The entire thing.

Worst Moment: The first part of the scene between Mother and Katie in kitchen was rather weak, all things considered. I was creating a better scene in my head.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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