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Title: Terri's Revenge
Starring: Terri Hall, Jeanette Sinclair
Director: Zebedy Colt
Synopsis: A wife who has been sexually compromised by her husband forms a women’s group to take revenge on men. - via Letterboxd.com
Lilith's Notes: Terri Hall and Zebedy Colt collaborate on a rape revenge movie. What can go wrong?

"What a delicious combination"

Checklist time!

What does Lilith Like?

Zebedy Colt? Check.

Terri Hall? Check.

Roughies? Not usually.

Terri Hall in a Zebedy Colt directed roughie? I gotta try this.

Terri's Revenge! Is the story of a woman named Terri (played by Terri Hall) who is betrayed by Chad (played by Chad Lambert) the man she loves. She's set up to be assaulted by her lover and his friend Bill, (played by Peter Andrews). Brokenhearted, and violated, she commiserates with her friend (played by Jeanette Sinclair) who recalls the time she herself was assaulted by her boyfriend. The ladies decide men are the problem and tear through the town tormenting men and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

This was a case of wanting to like it but finding it lacking. While I don't have a lot of experience with lady revenge films, I really liked the premise of this movie. The execution however left me wanting.

The hour long runtime really hurts the film. I was expecting Terri and her friend to be honeypotting men left and right, seducing them in alleys and parties and luring them into secluded places to force their 70 pornstashed faces against their womanly crotches, or relentlessly riding their dicks to the impassioned pleas to stop, for the love of all, they’ve learned their lesson, stop!

Instead we get newspapers with plot-point headlines, and two tormented men. How did they find the first man? Who knows. Did Terri, her friend, or both of them lead him to his demise? We will never know.

In the finale of the film, Terri and her friend have caught themselves an undercover cop (played by Richard Ortolani) and to him, they do their worst! They flog and whip him, and Terri’s friend demands he eat her pussy while Terri twists a rope around his sac until it looks like it’s about to burst. Then, she inserts it into herself.

I am no expert on male anatomy but I imagine that hurts like a bastard. I didn’t enjoy looking at it, but you have to commend the performers. That’s dedication on both parties. That sure is revenge!

The unfortunate thing is that this story has great bones. There’s one scene where Terri is using a dildo on her friend, guiding her friend to pleasure, then requests details on her friend’s assault. Terri drives the toy so hard and staccato into her friend it’s almost an assault in itself. That is interesting.

This film brought to mind Anna Obsessed, another film about victimized women that resulted in a slipshod and broken final product.

When I think Zebedy Colt, I think weird. Artsy. This was neither.

When I think Terri Hall I think depraved, twisted, haunted. This was lacking.

This was not early in Colt nor Hall’s careers, they were both past the cruel The Story of Joanna and Hall had already shone in the absolutely gonzo Through the Looking Glass. Ahead of them would both would be The Devil Inside Her, and it would illustrate just how fucked up the Colt-Hall duo can get. That’s what I wanted from this flick, but the world would have to wait another few years for that delightfully strange offering of boobs and Satan and a garden of delights.

I like Terri Hall, and I like Zebedy Colt, and one thing I can say for certain is that this movie reminded me what I like about them.

Maybe I should grab some nice hearty veggies and give The Devil Inside Her a cozy re-watch.

Best Moment: When Terri and her friend become friends with benefits...

Worst Moment: After everything is said and done, the sound was terrible. The audio, the sound effects, and the looping music.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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