Bishop's Interview & Guidance - Lilith Likes to Watch Double Feature!

Title: The Bishop's Interview
Starring: Alina Lopez, Dick Chibbles
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis: A corrupt bishop manipulates an 18 year old girl into having sex. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Let's do a double feature!

"Now, why don't you lead us in closing prayer?"

Early into the lifetime of this blog, I discovered a presence I would learn is named Alina Lopez. Though I had probably seen her before, the first time I remember her catching my eye is when Kristen Scott went down on her in Teenage Lesbian. I came across her again underneath a philanderous Seth Gamble in Perspective.

From then on it was always a pleasure to see her pop up in features. She ruined me in What Sets Us Apart and made me empathize with her desire to be a mother in Fertile. She's great at what she does.

So, why not give her the spotlight this week? She's earned it.

Sit back and enjoy an Alina Lopez Double Feature.

We begin with The Bishop's Interview, which was written by Lopez herself, and apparently inspired by actual events she had experienced. The Bishop's Interview sees Bishop Bond (played by Dick Chibbles) call young Alica (played by Alina Lopez) into his office after she failed to sip the sacrament wine.

Alicia confesses that she and her boyfriend gave into lust, and Bishop Bond requires that she tell him all about it. He convinces her to strip naked and show him her sinful hickeys, then tells her that her body is a temple and that it is his right to enter that temple.

From there, Bond uses his position of power over Alicia to take advantage of her.

Look, I’m a sucker for religious fuckery. I’ve learned that over the years. Bishop Bond is scum, and as Alicia relates her lust, he discreetly jacks it. However, the instant he thinks Alicia’s boyfriend got violent, he stops, and turns serious. Even he has boundaries. It’s a real “Sure, I rape and murder, but I don’t kick puppies!” moment.

As far as porn acting goes, Lopez is always top tier and she is carrying this piece. She can look devastated one moment then lost in wave of pleasure in the next. She play wounded naivete and young innocence as well.

As she rides the Bishop, she curls into herself and grips onto the front of his shirt. She’s all tucked and bundled up and I really like it.

In the end, Bishop Bond takes his cum and smears it on her cheeks in a perversion of anointment. He guides her onto her knees for prayer. Alicia thanks God for the Bishop's guidance. As she prays, the camera lingers on her face, and there's a sense of us, the audience, knowing she was manipulated and used.

Best Moment: When Bishop Bond streaks himself on Alicia’s cheeks.

Worst Moment: It doesn’t really delve deep enough into the trappings of religiosity.


Title: Guidance
Starring: Alina Lopez, Tommy Pistol
Director: Craven Moorehead
Synopsis:  Jaimie is going through hardship at home with her abusive father. Dejected by the situation, she is received by school counselor Mr. Harris to try to help her. Distraught by the situation, she wildly kissed the counselor to forget her problems. Not knowing what to do, Mr. Harris succumbs to Jaimie's sexual temptation. - Via
Lilith's Notes: This has been on my to be watched list for too long.

"He fucks me up!"

In a game of contrasts, Guidance brings to us Jamie (played by Alina Lopez), who’s homelife is a shambles and who’s father is abusive. She goes to the guidance counselor Mr. Harris (played by Tommy Pistol) and unloads about the torment she endures and the roots of her troubled behaviour and suffering grades.

Finally, she begs to, let’s say, feel a not-unkind touch of a man she can trust.

Thus begins a marathon fuck-fest.

For the next 40 minutes things get increasingly frenzied and kinky. Mr. Harris shoves his entire anatomy in Jamie’s mouth, he wraps a phone cord around her neck. You get the sense that Jamie will do things Mr. Harris’ wife would never dream of. Like use her teeth, or fit the entirety of his dick and balls into her mouth.

That, or Mrs. Harris would watch.

In the end, Jamie convinces Mr. Harris to let her stay at his home. And now I want a sequel.

While both of these stories are good companions to one another, there are a few stark differences.

Lopez is the best crier in the industry. She sniffs through her sorrow in Bishop’s Interview, while in Guidance, her cheeks are wet with tears.

A second difference is that, for the most part, other than messy hair and stuffy nose, Alicia remains baby-powder fresh while both Jamie and Mr. Harris are covered in a film of sweat. Tommy Pistol is a very physical performer and while he often seems to care for the well-being of his partner, he’s going to put in the work.

If you’re a fan of Alina Lopez’s body of work, I recommend both offerings, but doubtless any fan has probably already watched these. Screw it. Watch them again. You’ll thank yourself.

Best Moment: In the end, Jamie realizes what just happened as she drools out Mr. Harris’ mess and she breaks down. The phone cord is a very close second.

Worst Moment: Guidance should have ended with a creampie, and with it, a new kind of urgency and alarm.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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