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This month, Lilith is going to watch recent porn that is nominated for XBIZ and AVN awards. There is no official title for this month, but that's what we're doing. Be current with me!

Title: Teenage Lesbian
Year: 2019
Starring: Kristen Scott, Kenna James, Aidra Fox, Kendra Spade
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis: Set in the 1990s and told as a series of memories, TEENAGE LESBIAN is an emotional and uplifting look at an 18-year-old's final year of high school as she comes to terms with herself and her homosexuality. - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: It is up for several XBIZ and AVN awards.

"Yeah you wish you got as much pussy as they do, fucker!"

I'm not sure if I have the optics to write about this movie. It's not exactly for me, you know? I'm a straight girl who grew up in the 90s. Everyone around me was exploring or questioning their sexuality, but I was always straight. Even so, I've always had an appreciation of the female form. I liked hearing my more daring friend's sexcapades. I liked being regaled with stories from my plantonic girl friends about the time they had threesomes.

I've always liked to watch.

I feel like this movie is important. If me, a lady who never questioned her sexuality could relate to this film, then I think it means something. I don't know I've ever seen an important porno before. More to the point, I'm not sure this is porn.

Teenage Lesbian is the semi-autobiographical story of writer/director Bree Mill's adolescence. Sam is a girl who's 18 years old and in her final year of high school. Everyone at school knows she's a lesbian, even if she's not officially out yet. She's bullied and beaten, and just tries to deal with it.

A girl named Nicole asks if Sam wants to be partners on a assignment and Sam agrees. While at Nicole's house, they fool around.

We see Nicole masturbating under the sheet but she's covered. We see nothing and it's even more hot in it's own way. Soon, the camera ventures under the sheet and we see exposed flesh. Laying next to Nicole, Sam's own hand ventures into her plain white cotton panties. Side by side the girls pleasure themselves, but the camera rests in such a way that Sam's panties hide everything, teasing  us by blocking out what we've already seen. There's no fake moans, no music, just silence, broken up by carefully quiet breathing
Sam and Nicole have a sleepover.

This is exactly what I think of when I think of porn made by women for women. It's up close and personal, none of that coy stuff, but it's somehow also respectful. There's such a genuine feel to the scene, it's remarkable.

This scene has a gradual build up, and eventually Sam goes down on Nicole. Nicole doesn't reciprocate, and it looks for a moment that she just used Sam, but then she suggests Sam stay for dinner. A nice gesture.

Sam and Nicole are friends for a while, but it's clear that Nicole likes guys and is oblivious to Sam's feelings.

Sam then goes to a party where her friend Matt is drunk and hanging all over Sam, asking her questions about being a lesbian. How did she know she was a lesbian? Is there a chance they'll ever be together. It was a subtly disturbing scene because Matt doesn't let her leave the conversation. He keeps her there under his own drunk power, against her wishes. I was very worried this was going to turn into a rape scene. Thankfully it doesn't.

At the party, Sam pretends to pass out on a couch and sees Matt tell two girls to kiss. She spies on it all. Matt passes out and the two girls make out. They realize she's there, probably fake-sleeping, and goad her, jokingly invite her to join in. They mock her then immediately eat each other out. Who's the real lesbian here?

This scene is more performative than the first sex scene. There's lots of giggling, and moaning, and porn acting. It was unquestionably a porn scene.

Sam then goes to a club where she meets a girl who thinks she's a guy. She eats out the girl, while the girl says she can't wait to suck "his" cock. Here is where I go off on a tangent.

The acting in this movie is exceptional. Most of the characters were believable and Sam, Meg, Sam's guy friend JC, they all feel like real people. Meg is enigmatic and fun and Sam is genuine and sympathetic. In the throes of eating out a girl, Sam's expression goes very What The Fuck when the girl announces she wants to suck cock.

After Sam reveals to the girl that Sam is also a girl, she meets Meg, who teaches her how lesbians have sex.


It is an amazing scene. Gentle, passionate, vulnerable, alluring, amazingly planned out. I don't know that I've ever seen a scene quite like it. This is when the movie grabbed my heart. In the context of the message of  the Sam/Meg scene, the party girls made way more sense. That is fake, that's the fantasy. This is real.

Newly educated, Sam gets the guts to ask Teresa, a girl she likes, out to see a movie and then suggests they date, but Teresa isn't into girls.
Personal grooming is important.

Meg drags Sam to a support group for queer teens and young adults. There she sees Sara, a girl from school.There's a beautiful fantasy scene consisting of four ladies from the support group and fun positions. The fantasy focuses mostly on Sara.
How Sam sees Meg and Sara.

I admit the movie sort of loses steam once Sara is introduced. She sort of inserts herself into Sam's life, and doesn't have much of a personality. Maybe if Sara was seen in school before her character introduction or something it could have worked better. But it's a small complaint.

Sam and Sara start dating, and the film ends with Sara giving Sam a nice birthday picnic fuck session.

Teenage Lesbian needs to win all the awards. Best All Male Gangbang? Teenage Lesbian. Best MILF scene? Teenage Lesbian.
Holy shit, Google...

If you're 18, and curious or confused, I highly suggest you watch this film. When I was growing up, we had Girl InterruptedFoxfire, Gia (Thank you, Angelina Jolie), But I'm a Cheerleader and Lost and Delirious. All movies I'd suggest to my queer friends but they were rejected because they had the Crazy Lesbian trope or were hard to find. All the other queer movies were about queer men or boys. It was slim pickings for us girls, even us girls who just like to watch.

In an interview, Kristen Scott, who plays Sam, says that porn is changing, that we once more want characters and stories. I hope to the heavens that she's right, that quality like this is a new direction.

Don't pass this by just because it's considered porn. This is gold.

Best Moment: The scene where Meg teaches Sam how to have lesbian sex.

Worst Moment: There's not really a bad moment. Maybe any scene that has to do with the parents? Their acting isn't the best.


NEXT TIME: We continue looking at the AVN and XBIZ nominations with Lost Love.