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Title: Dirty Martini Sex Party
Starring: Kali Sudhra, Nat Portnoy, Maria Riot
Director: Erika Lust
Synopsis: Inspired by the sexual freedom and experimentation of the revolutionary 1969, 'Dirty Martini Sex Party' showcases how different characters participate in a joyous orgy in the context of a glamorous sex party. - Via ErikaLust.com
Lilith's Notes: This blog is now an Erika Lust simp blog, sorry not sorry.

"Remember 1969?"

Do you remember being young, and your parents would go out together to do grown up things? And you were sad because you couldn’t go, because it was a grown up thing. You imagined the sort of parties your parents would go to. There would be dancing, and fancy adult drinks and they would laugh and have tiny little appetizers.

Then, you grow up and realize the grown up activity they were attending were AA meetings because your parents were alcoholics.

That’s alright. We are now well-adjusted porn loving adults and now we can have the sort of parties we envisioned existed all over the place in our imagination.

What did your party look like? For me, it looked kind of like this movie.

A group of friends (played by Kali Sudhra, Nat Portnoy, Maria Riot, Bishop Black, Sylvan, Yumie Volupté, and Tula Vida) gather in someone's late-60s living room and party up a storm.

Once more Erika Lust proves she is the mistress, the master, the unquestioned, non-gendered supreme ruler of adult film. This looks, sounds and feels luxuriant, frothy, welcoming and fun. The attention to detail, from the Jell-o mold treats to the records to the go-go boots and big hair, everything is colourful, lush and extremely on point with the romanticized nostalgia of the 60s and early 70s that we are all familiar with. The absolute dedication to the look and style are laudable. Time was taken to make everything look and feel exceedingly authentic.

In an exciting gimmick, the screen sometimes splits off into different panels, showing different scenes, moments or set dressing. Fun and dynamic!

There's very little plot, it is simply just a sexy party, but it moves well, it's dynamic, and no one seems bored or uncomfortable. It’s very fluid and flowing, nothing seems rigid like the performers have a voice in their ear saying “ok you’ve blown him long enough, time for doggie”.

Then, what exactly happens at this sexy party?

Anything you want. Well, not really. But everyone enjoys one another. It’s sapphic, homo-erotic, straight, threesomes, just open and accepting.

Apparently the event included a Bring Your Own Toy rule because suddenly The Connoisseur (Played by Maria Riot) is using a vibe. I wish there was a scene where they produced a tray displaying the toys, for the party members to select, or that everyone brings out the toy they brought with them in a sort of Tupperware party moment. Full of ooo’s and ahhh’s. So that’s a missed opportunity.

There are not a lot of shots for the Voyeur (Played by Yumie Volupté). I get that she’s ostensibly there to watch, aren’t we all, but there needed more inclusion of her. Maybe we could have had the camera focus over her shoulder so we see what she sees. There is exactly one shot framed similar to that, but there needed to be more. Observation is participation, but without acknowledging the observer she becomes a non-entity and might as well not be there.

Later, we watch the voyeur getting fingered by The Hostess (Played by Kali Sudhra). So an argument can be made that she's no longer just a voyeur but she did give active consent and thus is choosing how to participate. Also, who doesn't want to get fingered by Kali Sudhra?

This is short. This is twenty-two minutes long, but it’s never boring and always welcoming. It’s great fun and, in a way, charmingly innocent. It’s a throwback to a brighter, more colourful time, where everything had just a touch of silliness to it, or sweet naivete.

We may have never had these sexy 60s parties in our life, but the night is young, and it’s never too late to get a little groovy! In fact, if you're interested in hosting your own 60's party, Erika Lust was kind enough to provide a playlist on Spotify! You can listen to it here.

Best Moment: Voyeur representation! I feel seen! Also, her headband was really cool.

Worst Moment: There needed to be more perspectives from the Voyeur.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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