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Title: Confesshhhions - I Pissed Myself at Work... And Loved it!
Starring: Zazie Skymm, Nikki Nuttz
Director: MixedX
Synopsis: Zazie Skymm is stuck in a long meeting with her boss when she feels an odd sensation building inside her. She didn't manage to go to the bathroom beforehand, and as she feels the slow release of urine trickle down her legs, she's bewildered to see that her boss didn't even notice. This is a lot more fun- and naughty- than she could have ever imagined. But when she decides to piss herself during a meeting with her coworker Nikki Nutz the next day, he catches her in the act. Will Nikki report her? Or has Zazi found someone who is willing to indulge in her perverse cravings with her? - Via
Lilith's Notes: A challenger approches.

"I didn't notice the signs inside me until it was too late."

This review is essentially an exercise in experimentation. When I first heard about Confesshhhions, it was impossible for me not to immediately think of XConfessions. XConfessions is top tier and raised the bar so high that it feels like a certain level of hubris is required to even whisper a similar title. Comparisons are unavoidable so contenders better rise to the occasion.

We meet a woman (Played by Zazie Skymm) who works in an office and after a damp happenstance, a dampenstance, if you will, our heroine discovers she enjoys wetting herself at work. She finds the filthiness of it and the danger of getting caught thrilling. She tries to play it safe with hygiene products but finds that dull and disappointing.

Eventually her secret is discovered and from there, things get even dirtier.

Or rather, I wish they would. Someone had a no pee clause in his contract.

Her co-worker or boss or whatever (Played by Nikki Nuttz) orders her to piss in front of him, and that's inspired but from there it just becomes very porny porn with an overreliance on hand necklaces and butt swats.

While the acting isn't great, the dialog is written pretty well, with a lot of thematic wordplay. It's full of cheesy double entendres but they're just clever or poetic enough for me to offer a nod of approval.

Like I stated above, the obvious comparison is with XConfessions, and if you're going to go after the reigning queen you better provide something truly special.

This is the XConfessions you order from Wish.

It's filmed very flatly, with no real artistry. The colours are uninteresting and uninspired, with a bizarre tint of green. Maybe to evoke piss?

It's serviceable, everything is brightly lit, the performers are in frame and the camera remains in focus, but really that is the bare minimum. You would think those things were not worthy of comment and I'd love to agree with you, but I've seen worse workplace dalliance in pornos.

Another egregious problem with this scene is that it suffers the same issue that many, many other scenes do. It has a concept, and then drops the concept in favour of generic fucking.

This porno is about urophilia, or omorashi, golden showers, watersports. Whatever you want to call it, that's your concept, embrace it.

I desperately wanted her boss to lick her clean after she peed in front of him, but that seemed to be a bridge too far for the performers. That's fine, I never want anyone to feel coerced or forced to do anything they aren't comfortable with, but then find a performer who's into it. Especially when it's something both so specific and niche as water sports.

Play with it. Play with her. You're into control, dude, you make her play with it. This had so much potential but no one pushed themselves to make this truly great.

If you just want a lady having a wee on herself then getting railed then you'll get what you want, but if you just hold on for a little longer, explore a bit, you'll find extreme satisfaction elsewhere.

Best Moment: When Nikki Nuttz tells her to "Do it again". The film was so full of possibilities then.

Worst Moment: The lack of oral or 69. There were so many missed oppertunites.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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