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Title: Queen Kong
Starring: Valentina Nappi, Luca Lionello, Janina Rudenska
Director: Monica Stambrini
Synopsis: A man and a woman meet at a party and decide to retire to a nearby forest. After the first difficulties of the man to get an erection, the woman leaves. He follows her but finds a strange creature with a monstrous appearance. - via Letterboxd.com
Lilith's Notes: One of the best monsterfucker movies I've seen!

Warning: I watched this in it’s native language without any subtitles nor knowing Italian. The movie was well crafted and felt straight forward, but I might have misunderstood things that were clarified with the dialog.

Good porn, great stories, true art, transcends boundaries. We're all human, we all like something in some way. All across the spectrum of human sexuality, if something is exceptional, it will appeal to many people in one way or another.

Some of the best films I have found throughout the lifespan of the blog have been the ones that tell a story. And to tell a story, you don’t necessarily need words.

Alternatively, two people can view the same piece of art and come out with wildly different interpretations. That’s a good thing. Art should strike up conversation.

The bizarrely titled Queen Kong is an easy 5-star porn experience. Though it is not told in English, and there are no subtitles, it gets its story across.

A man (played by Luca Lionello) and a woman (played by Janina Rudenska) hook up in the woods outside a fancy gathering. They both want to fuck but he is unable to perform. Also, she has a vestigial tail at the base of her spine, which he comments on. She walks away, giving him an inviting look. He wanders deeper into the woods after her, and stops to pee. There, he is found by a female satyr-like creature (played by Valentina Nappi), who pleasures him completely.

I loved this. I could pick nits, but why? Like I say time and time again, monster lovers have such a shallow well of content that we have to be a little gracious and grade on a curve. I could complain that the creature had human-like feet instead of hooves but the film makers did their best to hide that fact by keeping her feet in shadow, or grass, and the actress kept a crouched, beast-like stance.

I mean, that aside, the make up and creature design was practically flawless. Rarely was a silicon seam noticed and the body paint stayed where it was supposed to even through cups and cups of saliva and drool.

The creature was expressive, even with facial prosthetics applied. Her hair was wild in a natural way and the sex was perfect.

From gently batting at his limp dick in playful curiosity, to rubbing herself all over his jaw, The satyr knows what she wants and she takes it, riding the snazzy man’s face until she is satisfied. On occasion, the film uses the man’s smartphone camera to give us some unique angles and lighting, a very found-footage feel. I think I’d like a little more of that. It was an excellent way to have the viewer’s eyes roam over the creature and with the concentrated flashlight on the phone bathing her in a glow, it really showed off the makeup. It didn’t always hide in darkness and film tricks. They were proud of their creature and wanted to show her off.

This film brings to mind two others, one that knew how to do monster fucking right, and one that did it wrong. The first being Ricky Greenwood’s The Bargain, a tale of a female Krampus. Like Queen Kong, The Bargain shines with the monster’s performance and resilient make up and creature effects. Another thing they share is an abundance of drool slipping between sharp teeth.

Another movie that had basically the same plot but did it wrong was The Thing From the Lake, where the creature makeup was uninspired and lazy, and the sex was just human sex.

I would not be surprised if Queen Kong took inspiration from El Satario, one of the earliest pornos ever filmed. In my review of El Satario, I wished for a spiritual remake of that film. Everyone…I think we found it!

There is a right way and a wrong way to present monster fucking. Queen Kong does it right.

Best Moment: All of it.
Worst Moment: The man gets to pee but the satyr doesn't


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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  1. It's very refreshing to see someone doing porn reviews that actually takes it seriously as a genre. The only other people doing this that I've seen have basically used it as a vehicle for comedy, which is fun and good in it's own way, but what I really want is this. Treating porn like it has artistic merit and aspirations, because that's true!
    Keep doing what you're doing Lilith :)


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