El Satario & Fixxxion - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Greetings readers and fellow watchers to a very exciting theme month. Welcome to Monster Lover May. I hope by the end of the month I will have awoken something feral in you.

Since the dawn of mankind, we’ve been coming up with myths and monsters to explain the dark, scary and nefarious aspects of the world. Sometimes, we start to grow infatuated with them.

Thus, monster lovers. There are two kinds of people: Those who admit they’re monster lovers, and liars. But much like our beloved monsters, we too hide in the shadows among civilized society. But that want is always there. Always lurking.

Title: El Satario
1907 or maybe 1930
Director: Anonymous
Synopsis: One of the earliest surviving pornographic films. A group of young women is frolicking in the countryside. Then a satyr appears and forces one woman to receive and perform oral sex and then have sex with him. Then the other women come and put him to flight. - Via Letterboxd
Lilith's Notes: One of the earliest surviving porno ever recorded.

As soon as there’s some sort of forbidden territory, people just try to find a way to get dirty with it.

Take El Satario, for example. Very little is known about it, including its year of production or even its country of origin. One of the earliest known porno films and instead of the simple human/human pairing of its contemporaries, it features a monstrous satyr-like figure as the purveyor of lust.

Several pretty naked girls frolic and play in the woods when a satyr creeps up on them. He catches one girl and they fuck.

There's not a whole lot to say here because the whole film is about 8 minutes long, but quite explicit for the era. It's rumored that this film may be the first portrayal of close up genitalia. Imagine that being your claim to fame!

The satyr makeup had obvious roots in theatre. While this isn't A Trip To The Moon levels of craft, it definitely communicates the ideas it wants to portray. That is absolutely a satyr and that is absolutely a satyr's dick.

The sex is, as previously stated, rather explicit. Maybe a touch aimless with some awkward grinding but there is unobstructed oral and penetrative sex. Most surprising of all is that this film includes an actual cream pie. That satyr empties his load into that cute lady and it seeps out of her used and exhausted body.

Call me impressed.

Since this was a silent film, I felt the need to play my own music during it. Old time silent film era music didn't feel right, and my trusty Bram Stoker's Dracula soundtrack didn't quite fit. Third time's the charm and I turned on Type O Negative - Be My Druidess and it worked like a dream.

Since this film is so old it is choppy and grainy but it still gets its dirty point across. Still, it would be nice if this film had a remake.

But what if there is a spiritual remake, if not a literal one?

Best Moment: The creampie. I was not expecting that.

Worst Moment: Don't get me wrong, this isn't a perfect, flawless movie, but at the same time, picking anything feels unfair. So there's no worst moment.


Title: Fixxxion
Starring:Nicole Love
Director: ???
Synopsis: SHE created the world, from the smallest grain of sand to the tallest mountain, from the smallest goblin to the grand drake. But, if SHE falls all her creations will be changed and none can tell if for better or for worse. Few vessels will be chosen to carry the spark of change and their lives will be bound forever. This is where the tale begins... Come explore Season 1 of the sinful fantasy world of Fixxxion. A warrior princess finds herself alone and on the run after her father, the king, is assassinated by his own guard. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: Only watched one episode for thematic purposes

"I feel a danger is coming."

Fixxxion is a series of kinky high fantasy that tells an ongoing story along the span of several 15 minute shorts. When I first saw a promo for this episode pop up on Twitter my only thought was "I gotta.", so I snapped up the episode and have been hoarding it on my hard drive for over a year, waiting for the perfect moment to watch and review.

This is the only episode I've watched and while we're starting in medias res by virtue of this being a middle episode, they do a good job of recapping the plot.

Some Kratos looking guy has a dead wife and he wants to find who killed her. Meanwhile a woman who is traveling alone is accosted by soldiers and she kills them all. Elsewhere a ranger who may or may not be an elf comes across a dead woman. She touches the woman and we see her last moments where she was overpowered by a minotaur and…used for the rest of her life.

This episode, and I presume the entire series, is very ambitious. It's nice to look at, and while some of the costumes are a little cheesy at times, the use of scene transitions and B-roll give this a feel of rather high production value, all things considered. There is creative problem solving going on here. These people know the stories they want to tell and the look they want to have.

The minotaur is in full armor, with a large bull head that, while looks like a high end stuffed animal and I know fursuiters can do better, it's impressive because of the way its captured by the camera. Very few shots linger on the minotaur head and it's mostly bowed down. There is a fantastic shot of hot smokey breath erupting from his nostrils and having over his victim's neck.

But perhaps the most clever part was the use of an exaggerated toy phallus for the minotaur's dick. While I wish it wasn't green, it was forgivable simply because of the ingenuity. Good job, Fixxxion!

Would it have been better to film the scene at night time? Yes, most likely, but why hide when we all know what we're here for.

I could imagine some people might find this scene gratuitous. There's a lot of yelling and monstrous roars but it's only about five minutes long and to be honest, monster lovers have to take what they can get. Yes, it would have been more intriguing if it was a consensual beauty and the beast type situation but they can't all be romances.

Both scenes were short and sweet and delivered on their promises of monster love. A good start to Monster Lover May, and we have a whole pack of beasts to watch for the rest of the month.

Best Moment: The minotaur's smokey breath.

Worst Moment: I kind of wish the woman was more reciprocal to the minotaur. What if they were misunderstood lovers, though?


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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