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Title: MUSES: Khloe Kay
Starring: Khloe Kay, Jane Wilde
Director: Bree Mills
Synopsis: A luxury showcase series unveiling the desires of our favorite trans actresses… - Via
Lilith's Notes: The first episode of a new series!


As Ani DiFranco spoke-sang in her 1995 song, I am not a Pretty Girl. I've never been interested in fashion or trends, not really. I'm not great with makeup, couldn't contour or blend if you paid me, and I don't own a single dress. It's just not me.

I would say I like what I like but the honest truth is I'm just fucking lazy. As I type this I am wearing a pair of mint plaid pj bottoms and a band t-shirt that contains no mint whatsoever, and my hair is knotted up in a bun.

So I gotta find my fix of frills some other way. That's right, dance for me, puppets!

While I was trawling around Adult Time's website, I was lured by the siren song of Jane Wilde in a girlish pink dress having a tea party with Khloe Kay.

Well, I need that in my life, now don't I?

MUSES is a new series under the Transfixed label where trans performers get to pick their scene partners and concieve of the scenario. In this episode, Khloe Kay selected Jane Wilde.

The two sit at a table in fancy pink tutus and corsets, with hair done in twin tails and barrettes, and dollish makeup painting their faces. They enjoy tea party, and indulge in cupcakes and chocolate covered strawberries while sharing teasing glances at one another. They move like this whole party is a dance, with grace and purpose.

They finish with their delectable tea party then play with balloons for a minute.

Then, the music cuts and no longer are we in the dirty corners of Katy Perry's confectionery wonderland. The performers perch on an uncomfortable looking plastic pink lounge chaise, kiss, touch, and free one another from the confines of their pastel garments.

Then they screw for 30 minutes.

Once again, the conceit of the scene is abandoned way too quickly. They could have sat on the balloons and popped them. That's a fetish. I don't understand it, but it is! They could have sat on a cake; another fetish I don't understand but if that's your thing, have fun.

They could have smashed cake in each other's face, or fucked on the tea table. Oral sex with the skirts still on. Instead it becomes basic sex.

There's one moment when they remove each other's cute lacy socks as they're in the 69 position. They could have removed the socks with teeth! They were going to put toes in their mouths anyway, so why not?

At one point Jane Wilde slaps Khloe's ass with the sole of her foot. That's at least something kind of novel.

I'm glad the performers get to pick their partner, it lends a sense of control, comfort and safety. I applaud the idea behind the MUSES series. Unfortunately for Khloe Kay, Jane Wilde steals the show. And unfortunately for Jane Wilde, once you take away the costumes and music and sweet treats, there isn't much of a show left to steal.

Best Moment: The opening. They genuinely looked like they were having a fancy, dreamy good time.

Worst Moment: The overall lack of creative sex.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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