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Title: Dovefucking 101
Starring:Lena Paul, Reagan Foxx
Director: Stills by Alan
Synopsis: The voluptuous Reagan Foxx is getting her porn on in her living room when she sees her step-daughter Lena Paul outside on the patio crying. Through tears, Lena tells her mom that she hates the girls at school. Embarrassed, Lena continues, telling Reagan that she was at lunch and the girls at her table were talking about something called...dovefucking? - via
Lilith's Notes: Let's learn something new, everybody!

"Does it even feel good?"

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the unforgettable embarrassment that was the BIC Pen For Her debacle. Why do I bring this up? Because marketing is weird. Gotta sell more pens? Well, make it for her…

Now, let's replace the word "pens" with "porn". Make it for her. And what does she have?


Dovefucking has the panache of marketing all over it. It sounds like a word that was made up, and a product was built as an afterthought.

It's Gabbo, from The Simpsons.

So, what is dovefucking? That's the exact question a tearful Lena Paul asks her stepmom Reagan Foxx. Lena's classmates made fun of her because she doesn't know what dovefucking is. So, stepmother Reagan grabs her laptop and shows her.

What's fun and mildly innovative about this set up is that the audience is never shown dovefucking via laptop. Together, step daughter and stepmother watch examples of the act and then decide to try it for themselves.

Dovefucking, by the way, is when you grind a breast against a labia. And vice versa. I think?

In an interesting directing choice, the titular dovefucking takes up surprisingly little of the runtime. It's mostly mouths and fingers doing all the work. I guess they realized they milked that teat as hard as they could.

When Blue Is The Warmest Colour came out there were a few criticisms of the sex scenes; that scissoring was ridiculous and unrealistic and nobody actually did that.

I kind of feel like that about this. Like sometime somewhere two women were just trying to one up eachother by coming up with more and more out there sex acts and dovefucking was born? Porn Madlibs.

Or, it's possible that this particular example was just exceptionally performative and theatrical. After watching this I watched Angela White engage in the act of dovefucking and it worked better for me. Probably because neither White nor her scene partner Jade Baker have breast augmentations. Also Angela White has more charisma than God so there's that aspect of it too.

I kind of understand. There's corner-grinding and thigh jobs and amazon position and pillow humping, cake farts and balloon-sitting and so much more. Humans have a vast range of kinks and whatever you are into it's fine as long as everyone is cool with it, so I'm not saying this is wrong, I'm just disappointed. I thought it would be sexier than it was. It was just sort of awkward.

This blog has been an education for me, and hopefully for the readers as well. I've voyeuristically ventured into the worlds of hard-core bondage, tribbing, orgies, squirting, and other fetishes which are both turn on and turn offs. I selected this watch because I wanted to learn something new. I can't say that didn't happen but I can say I'm left with unanswered questions. The most pressing question of all is: why is the act called dovefucking?

Did it awaken something in me? Not really. Will I put dovefucking in one of my books? Absolutely.

Best Moment: They scissor, and that's fun.

Worst Moment: They never explain why it's called dovefucking!


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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