True Lesbian: An Even Trade - Lilith Likes to Watch

Title: An Even Trade
Starring: Gizelle Blanco, Freya Parker
Director: Stella Smut
Synopsis: Mona, a popular college athlete who scores the deal of a lifetime when she offers to protect nerdy loner Sophie from on-campus bullies in exchange for tutoring. A spark ignites, and as Mona guides Sophie to the discovery of her true sexuality, the eternal question remains ... can these women from two different worlds find true love? - Via
Lilith's Notes: The latest episode of True Lesbian!

"It's funny, cause, honestly, you have been one of the best thing to ever happen to me."

In my day to day life, I've been unusually busy, that's why this month Lilith Likes to Watch looks like it's going to consist mostly of softballs. The August Easies.

Hey, a new True Lesbian just dropped! Let's check it out, together.

An Even Trade is the story of two college sophomores, the bullied Sophie, (Played by Gizelle Blanco) and the popular Mona, (Played by Freya Parker). While on a jog, wearing those butt-lifting leggings that were all over Instagram for a while, Mona sees some fellow classmates bully Sophie. Together they make a deal that Mona will talk to the jerks, and in return, Sophie will tutor her in math.

So, point one that kind of threw me. The performers could pass as 18 or 19 years old. Porn allows for a lot of leeway in that regard. The idea that college kids would be behaving like this makes me side-eye their upbringing. I would have hoped everyone had moved on from that sort of chicanery by now. You’re adults. This isn’t impressing anybody.

Time passes and the young ladies hang out. Mona mentions that since they’ve been studying together, she hasn’t really felt the need to hang out with other people. Sophie states that she’s a loner by nature, and Mona ventures to suggest that she is a lesbian.

Sophie tearfully confesses that’s true, and the two young women share an evening of gentle passion.

The thing with any episode of True Lesbian, is that there is a guarentee of qualty. I’ve watched every episode, and while there have been a few hiccups along the way, more often than not, you’re sure to receive a level of effort, design, and chemistry.

This film is the directorial debut of Stella Smut and you would never know this was cherry pop. The quality is the same standard for any other episode of True Lesbian. I especially liked that they were confident enough to film in front of a glass window. Not only could lucky people from the outside street look in and get a free show, but not once did I catch sight of the crew in the reflection of the glass. That’s gilding the fucking lily with gumption, and I applaued it.

The one moment that took me out of it was near the end, when the women were scissoring. Sophie was obviously acting, and Mona seemed unsure what to do with her body. For what is practically the penultimate scene, it was a little disheartening. What immediately followed was some deft fingerwork though in which Sophie loses all control.

Other than that one moment, the performers have great chemistry, as expected, and both ladies are quite cute. Gizelle reminded me of a young Kate Winslet and Freya has an air of Sasha Grey about her. I look forward to seeing what she does in the future.

I know, this is kind of an uninteresting, if not unfair review. It’s like saying “this chocolate mousse tastes good because, for most people, chocolate just tastes fucking good. Could it have whipped cream? Sure! But’s still fucking good chocolate mousse.” But consider this: What if more studios made series where I don't have to even know anything about it other than the series title to know it's going to be great?


C’mon, boys and girls. Impress me.

I’m watching.

Best Moment: Freya Parker seems to have magic fingers and an exceptional technique... I learned something today.

Worst Moment: It hurts me to say this, but the scissoring scene.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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