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Title: The Babysitter
Starring: Alexa Grace, Jenna Sativa, Veronica Rodriguez
Director: Stills by Alan
Synopsis: When teen Jenna Sativa comes home to make out with her hot Latina girlfriend Veronica Rodriguez, they meet the new sitter Alexa Grace. Jenna's little sister is resting, so Alexa is hanging out on the sofa, all prim and proper. Jenna and Veronica decide to seduce her into a threesome. - via
Lilith's Notes: Part of a bigger collection.

"You guys are very persuasive."

I have been spoiled by the ambition and artistry of others. It was difficult to find something to review this week because I craved a viewing with both plot and emotion, while also having a snappy runtime. Often you can't have all three. Sometimes you can, but it's rather rare.

So this week we settled on The Babysitter, which is part of a collection of three shorts all centrered around lesbian threesomes. We only watched one of the three. It was a pleasant little scene given to us from Stills by Alan.

Jenna (Played by Jenna Sativa) and Veronica (Played by Veronica Rodriguez) come home to find Alexa (Played by Alexa Grace) babysitting Jenna's little sister who is off screen and exists only as a macguffin.

Jenna and Veronica seduce Alexa and the three of them have a fun afternoon.

There's not much one can analyze here. Three pretty ladies who all look good together fuck on a stylish couch in a setting that looks like a page ripped from a home decor catalogue.

It's the minimum requirement. It's bare bones. But it's at least pretty.

Everything looks great. The set is all white with a modern black shelving unit to add some interest and dimension. Large windows let bright, natural light in and gives the ladies a healthy, sunkissed glow. Everything is heavenly white and ethereal.

The wardrobe is coordinated well, with blushing pinks and flirty greens. There is so much pink, it's a power colour. Eventually everyone is nue except for Jenna and her pink sneakers, which lend a pop of colour to the shot.

Things progress as expected and eventually Veronica is given attention by both girls and the poor babysitter is doing all the work! The irony of it all, is that earlier, Alexa expressed concern about being a third wheel and now here fears have manifested! She was seduced into being a work horse while Veronica gets all the love. This could be a sitcom called Everyone Loves Veronica.

Everyone finishes, then they hear a car pull up. The parents are home and Jenna and Veronica bolt, leaving the babysitter sitting naked on the couch.

There’s not much to say. It’s pretty, and the action is good. But it’s brainless. It’s exactly what I presume the majority of people are looking for when they want porn. Pretty girls to pleasure oneself to. If that’s what you want, this scene has plenty of that.


Best Moment: At one point, one of the ladies sniff the babysitter's panties. That was fun.

Worst Moment: Poor babysitter doing all the work.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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