Blue Moon Rising - Lilith Likes to Watch Monster Lover May 2022

Title: Blue Moon Rising
Starring: Aiden Ashley, Brooklyn Gray, Tommy Pistol
Director: Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: When the wolves are out to play, make sure you dont become the prey. - Via Adult Empire
Lilith's Notes: No one was allowed to fuck the werewolf.


“Whatever happened to you that night, it woke something up in you.”

Capitalism is the enemy of art. That’s right, it’s going to be one of those reviews. One day I lived in blissful ignorance one moment, and then the next I was filled with indignant rage. Because somebody showed me this interview with Ricky Greenwood, and how, under no circumstances, in his porn movie about werewolves, was anyone allowed to fuck the werewolf.

Fortunately it was also good press I suppose, because this was the first I had heard of his film Blue Moon Rising.

So of course, with it’s doomed “paws off” requirements, I had to watch it.

Aiden (Played by Aiden Ashley), is a woman who enjoys sex. She’s on a date with a biker (Played by Dante Colle) and they fuck on a dark road by the forest while an unknown presence watches them. When it’s over Aiden wants more and the biker rejects her, pushes her down and she passes out in the dirt. Then, he is attacked by a snarling creature.

The next morning, A woman named Olive (Played by Brooklyn Gray) finds a naked and passed out Aiden in the woods. She takes Aiden home. Aiden wakes, traumatized and Olive tells her she will be alright.

Aiden then goes to the doctor for a rape kit, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a porno before. The photographer (Played by David Lord) takes invasive photos and I couldn’t help wondering why there wasn’t a woman present. Ah well, suspension of disbelief I guess. On the other hand, I’m here for werewolf fun times, not smarmy leering crime scene photographers. I think this is the director’s attempt at showing how gross the world can be for a victim of assault? How demeaning and degrading? Maybe? Or am I just being too charitable?

Detective Greenwood (Played by Tommy Pistol) tries to help Aiden but the system makes his questions seem like he’s doubting her entire story. She’s not claiming assault, at least, not when she was awake, but she knows something happened, but the system is just giving her the runaround.

One month later, Aiden goes to a bar and hooks up with two bartenders (Played by Nicole Sage and Brad Newman). Nicole Sage and Aiden Ashley steal the show because it seems Brad Newman has trouble performing. Poor guy. The entire scene feels over-long but at least the girls are nice to watch.

More werewolves, please.

Detective Greenwood is shown photos of a dead Charlie the Biker. Was he murdered? Seems he has to get to the bottom of this.

Olive has a man over, (Played by Codey Steele) and they have a nice rough fuck in what is by far the best sex scene in the movie. He realizes something is watching them through the window but it’s gone before he can get a clear sight of it.

29 days later, Aiden wakes naked on the floor of some guy’s bedroom, covered in dirt. It happened again. She manages to sneak out unnoticed and goes to see Olive, who explains that trauma awakened something within Aiden and that’s why she feels so alive and predatory.

Charles’ biker gang is now hunting for Aiden.

Aiden and Olive make eyes at eachother and they have the best chemestry in the whole film and they never fuck. Olive tries to tell Aiden to rely on her instincts and that men in power, like detectives, aren’t to be trusted.

Aiden goes to Detective Greenwood’s house to keep her hidden from the bikers and they fuck. She returns to Olive’s place and the gang arrive. After taking a few punches Olive transforms into a werewolf like creature and single-handedly takes out all four big, burly men.

Aiden tends to an exhausted and bloodstained Olive, when Detective Greenwood brings her in for obstruction of justice since she won’t tell him where Olive is.

Then, we get the climax. What we’re all waiting for.

The reveal of the werewolf.

Aiden Ashely’s performance during the transformation sequence is great. Her body contorts and extends and snaps in fun ways. The little twitches in her fingers, a predatory half-smirk, the way her hair obscures her face. The sequence might run a little long, but it’s good, a highlight of the film.

During the mid-transformation, both Aiden and Olive look a little reminiscent of the Geico Cavemen, rather than Ginger Snaps and that’s unfortunate, but it sorts itself out after a while. With Olive, it’s brief and with Aiden, she gets a full transformation.

There’s one shot where both of her fully wolfed-out claws are on the table and her fingers twitch so perfectly. The full design of the werewolf is not the sort of werewolf I prefer. The snout is more Shih Tsu than Wolf but with the flickering lights and the quick cuts, a lot of it is hidden.

Greenwood said he and Aiden Ashley pulled a lot from classic monster movies so the 1940s Wolfman aesthetic makes sense. It’s just not my personal preference. But hats off to the make up team and the performances.

Speaking of performances, Brooklyn Gray steals the whole show. She’s a great solid presence among manipulative men and a twitchy unsure main character. I loved her. More self-confidence take-no-shit roles for Brooklyn Gray please.

While Aiden Ashley isn’t the best at delivering lines, her physical performance is top notch. When she wakes covered in dirt she grips her own calf as if trying to keep grips on herself. She’s twitchy and frightened and communicates her confusion so, so well with her physicality. The way she’s able to isolate parts of her body during her transformation sequence had me thinking maybe she used to take dance lessons.

It’s kind of tragic. We can see what this film wants to be, and is denied. It’s caged. Muzzled. Neutered.

Now, it’s a porno with a sad Sarah McLachlan song playing over it.

But, that’s ok, because soon after Blue Moon Rising, Greenwood would be vindicated and produce one hell of a monster fucker movie.

Best Moment: The physicality in Aiden Ashley's performance.

Worst Moment: Not only does no one fuck the werewolf but Aiden and Olive don’t fuck either!


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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