Lilith Likes to Watch - Halloween Trick & Treat Special! Part 3

Title: Wet Wilderness
Year: 1976
Starring: Daymon Gerard, Alice Hammer, Raymond North, Faye Little
Director: Lee Cooper
Synopsis: A machete killer attacks a picnic party but can the mother stop his rampage? - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: It's purely here for Halloween viewing.

Wet Wilderness is one huge waste of time.

I love me a good rapist-murderer sleezefest but this was rife with horrible dubbing, pointless characters, terrible shifts from scenes to scenes and really, really atrocious acting.

Look, you're being held at machete-point by a killer wearing a knock-off, bargain bin Deadpool mask. You can at least pretend to be a little bit scared.

The only time anyone is scared, it's the mother, as she's raped in front of her (I assume are supposed to be) teenage children who are fucking one another. Good job at staying in character.

Then, the son and mother are forced to fuck and they really, genuinely seem to be enjoying themselves. At least someone here is. It was enough to almost make me bump the score up half a star. Almost.

After the son fucks his mother, the son is not killed. In fact, he's simply dropped from the film entirely. We never see him again and no one comments on him ever existing. Object permanence is not a concept these people can grasp.

Sometimes the killer's is wearing a completely different mask and speaking with a completely different voice. Someone clearly couldn't make it for all the days of filming.

The copy I watched had music from Psycho and Jaws in it. This is a mistake. Never remind your audience of a better movie.

The film ends in a poorly shot disappointment.

Wet Wilderness is a Halloween Trick

LILITH'S SCORE: 1/5 - Skip it.