Lilith Likes to Watch - Halloween Trick & Treat Special! Finale!

Title: The Devil Inside Her
Year: 1977
Starring: Jody Maxwell, Terri Hall, Dean Tait, Zebedy Colt, Rod DuMont
Director: Zebedy Colt
Synopsis: A woman sells her soul to the devil to obtain the man she loves. - Via IMDB
Lilith's Notes: Well known in grindhouse and horror circles.
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Sometimes I fear I expect too much out of porn. I hold all my entertainment to a certain standard. If it's in film, that standard is believable acting, and a good plot. Even in porn. Porn has the extra burden of requiring enjoyable, erotic sex scenes as well. It makes me feel like a weirdo.

But then, a porno like The Devil Inside Her will come along and assures me that it's okay to expect, nay, demand these things from porno.

The Devil Inside Her involves two sisters, Faith and Hope in the mid- 1800s who love the same man. Their father is extremely puritan and forbids their daughters from loving anyone and punishes Faith by whipping her for just kissing the boy.

Meanwhile, Hope, in a fit of jealousy, sells her soul to the Devil and acquires a love potion from a witch. Then the Devil goes around, magically transforming into other characters and fucking everybody.

And it's compelling as hell.

There's an especially amazing scene where Hope, in the midst of an emotional and mental breakdown, begs for the boy's cock while fucking herself with vegetables and fruits. I know the way I describe it makes it sound silly but the actress comes across as on the brink of emotional collapse, desperate for the object of her unrequited love and tumbleing into madness. Her hands and legs are covered in soil as she grips at her inner thighs in need.

Meanwhile, other actors who were previously playing pious, virtuous girls or stoic, doting parents now have to pretend to be the Devil pretending to be them, and so they have to contort their tongues, harden and madden their gaze, and give themselves Cheshire grins.

It all devolves into an orgy that invoked memories of Behind The Green Door but not as full of itself, and therefore enjoyable.

The costumes are bad. Characters wear denim, which wasn't around in the 1800's, and The Devil looks like a rejected member of KISS but it's all easily overlooked because of the plot and performances.

This is honestly one of the best pornos I have ever watched. Definitely a Halloween Treat!

LILITH'S SCORE: 4/5 - Really good, watch it.

So there we have it, the inaugural Lilith Likes To Watch: Halloween Trick & Treat! What do you think of the films selected? What should Lilith watch next year? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter @BWMTweet.

Thank you all for joining me with my tricks and my treats.