Parasited: Infection - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat

Title: Parasited: Infection
Starring: Kimmy Kimm, Lulu Chu
Director: Ricky Greenwood
Synopsis: Kimmy and Lulu thought that the news about alien parasites was too far-fetched to be true, so they decided to take a chance and head out anyway. Little did they know, an alien was lurking in the park waiting to crawl inside. - via
Lilith's Notes: We've never ventured into this kink before!

"Don't let this ruin our night."

Welcome, finally to this year's Halloween Trick & Treat! It's the most wonderful time of the year, and while our scope is limited this year due to circumstances beyond my control, I promise you that this year's selection of scary, sexy flicks are vast in their themes and aesthetics.

We begin with some live action hentai.

I have a very delicate constitution. Gross things are gross and not sexy. So I was equal parts reluctant and intrigued to watch Ricky Greenwood's Infection, part of the Parasited series.

I've never ventured into this corner of fetishism before, and while I can confidently say it's not for me, it is very intriguing in its own way, and to its credit, It completely held my attention.

Two young friends (played by Lulu Chu and Kimmy Kimm) are out on a walk when one of them gets invaded by a parasite that turns its host "sexually violent." She overpowers her friend, the parasite jumps from one girl to the other and the pair have a writhingly good time!

First off, the level of dedication the performers had to realizing the story was stellar. Not only did they commit to the bit, they got in the muck and rolled around in it. They swallowed it down, drooled it out and spat it up.

The acting was great, even pre-infections. The performers were believable young ladies with naivete and curiosity and they had chemistry. It felt like a Japanese drama. Then, they get possessed and the insatiable need to fuck overtake them. They become snarling, growling creatures with just one goal: To drool slime everywhere and screw.

The locations, from the serene streets to the moody and atmospheric warehouse are well selected and shot nicely. Everything just sort of fits together. It really does feel like a live action hentai, the only thing missing were falling cherry blossom petals drifting through the air and the buzz of cicadas.

The effects were well done as well. Buckets and buckets of gooey green slime were just oozing out of the performer’s mouths, way more than necessary, one could argue. OK! We get it.

However, I was brought to mind The Thing From The Lake from Under Your Bed, where it just didn’t go far enough. In that production, the effects were minimal, almost negligible. If you’re gonna do something, go hard.

This goes fervorously hard. At one point there ladies are so covered in slime that it resembles starlight on the skin and it’s actually beautiful.

Going in to this, I was worried it would be too gross. I was leery that there would be belly distension, or disturbing ass play. Thankfully there was none of that. The pinnacle of questionable actions were when the possessed lovers used the parasite as a double ended dildo. Congrats to the creature designer and fabricator that it can withstand such use! It’s not perfect. Near the end, most of the shots and sounds are reused on a loop, which, if you ask me, is kind of egregious. I’m sure they had their reasons for resorting to that but I didn’t love it. It felt… I don’t want to say lazy, this production was obviously not lazy… desperate?

This is not my cup of tea, and I don’t want to watch another episode of Parasited. But I can’t deny that I’m dying to know if other episodes of this series are of this high quality.

All that is to say, oh no, we actually liked this!

Best Moment: The directing. The shots, the flow of the story, it was all just so well realized.

Worst Moment: The reuse of footage. It broke the immersion.

LILITH'S SCORE: 3.5/5 - It's a Halloween Treat!

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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