Spooky Short Films Marathon - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat

I know it’s not my fault because the circumstances are out of my control, but I still feel the need to apologize for the lack of updates. I know I said I’d be updating every other week, but what I didn’t realize was that it made Halloween feel so small and unloved.

So in an effort to at least pack more of a punch this October, I thought I’d do a review of several movies I watched this month. They range in subject matter and quality, so this should be pretty fucking fun, right?

Let’s get on with it.

Title: BFFs, Naked, And Afraid
Starring: Ginny Woolf, Parts Authority
Director: Mahx Capacity
Synopsis: In April of 2017, two best friends disappeared in the woods while shooting erotic films. Best friends since birth, Parts and Ginny have no problem sleeping together… well, next to each other. After a night of ghost stories by the campfire, the two climb into bed. Overheating with nervous energy, they strip down and try to get some rest before the big shoot. But Parts awakes to find Ginny gone! In searching for their friend, will Parts succumb to the psycho-sexual terrors of the NorthEastern forest? - Via PinkLable.TV
Lilith's Notes: The poster is very nice.

"A haunted house?"

Two ladies (played by Parts Authority and Ginny Wolf) are in a cabin. They are best friends. They are afraid. And they are naked. They sense a strange horny presence. They scream, run around, and pleasure themselves.

Oh boy did I dislike this. It just felt… silly.

I don’t have much to say.

At one point it becomes an unsubtle, full-on Blair Witch parody. It wasn’t arousing, and I was just sort of annoyed by it.

In my mind I kept comparing it to the vastly superior Possession. Watch that instead. It’s also on Pink Label

Best Moment: The final shot is the scene from the poster, with the women screaming and masturbating. It’s a good shot but by that time I was too annoyed to appreciate it. Also the poster spoils it.

Worst Moment: Such a great premise but it’s just loud and annoying. A waste.


Title: Ruptured
Starring: Lina Bembe, Ze Royale
Director: Max Disgrace
Synopsis: After a night out erotic hallucinations haunt Lina as her world starts to morph, and a mysterious latex-gloved, masked figure joins her in a wet and slimy power play of pleasure. Ruptured re-envisions erotically charged moments from mainstream horror through a queer pornographic lens. Centering queer sexuality, and POC female and non-binary characters, the film subverts what would usually remain hidden, absent or cast as deviant within the genre. - Via PinkLabel.TV
Lilith's Notes: This had been on my to-watch list for a while.
Buy: PinkLabel.TV

A woman (played by Lena Bembe) heads home, and has an eerie feeling of being followed. She wakes in a bath tub, and has an erotic and creepy encounter with a mysterious figure (played by Ze Royale).

I rather enjoyed this one. It’s stylish and eerie and confining. The use of textures is quite enjoyable and the scene was always shifting, always moving. The only real draw back is there are a lot of cuts in this film. It never really sits on one image too long. It’s very frantic, which I guess lends itself to the idea of fighting for survival but if some moments were left to linger, it could have heightened the sense of dread.

A quick, spooky tale of abduction. Good for Halloween.

Best Moment: The constant change in setting. Bath tub, latex, and so forth.

Worst Moment: So many cuts.


Title: Nightmare Desire
Starring: Heidi Priestess, Tula Vida
Director: Erika Lust
Synopsis: A woman finds herself haunted by a supernatural entity. How else could she explain that lately, her sleep has been constantly troubled by these erotic torments and sexual dreams and desires? Little does she know, it is a succubus that is visiting her—a demon in female form, who comes to seduce her every night. An incarnation of sensuality that whispers into the woman's ear as she slips off her clothes… - Via XConfessions.com
Lilith's Notes: I needed to watch this the second I saw the trailer

When Kage showed me the trailer for this Erika Lust project, my instant reaction was “Now, please”. She is a master at the craft so, how could I not want to watch this?

A woman (played by Heidi Priestess) is having an erotic nightmare that causes her to touch herself in her sleep. In her dream, a succubus-like creature (played by Tula Vida) contorts her way to the sleeping woman and they have sex and have some candle-waxy fun.

This is a simple lesbian love scene with some fun contortion, and wax-play, and satin sheets. I enjoyed this but at times I felt it could have gone farther. It has hints of weird but never goes weird enough. At times, as Heidi is touching herself, Tula’s hands are there as well, but it might have been more disorienting or nightmare-like if they cross-faded to other hands, or did some editing tricks to make it a little more creepy.

Heidi has lovely hands, by the way.

Also, this scene hand spine-grinding, which is so very rarely seen and you should know by now I appreciate innovation. Also at one point I wished someone would grind the bare heel of her foot against the other woman’s crotch and then she did and I felt seen.

Watch this, you certainly won’t be disappointed. It’s hot, I just wanted a smidgen more nightmare and a sliver less sexy.

Best Moment: Spine grind.

Worst Moment: It needed to be creepier.


Title: Blind(ed) Date
Starring: Sylvan, Jane Jones
Director: Sally Fenaux Barleycorn
Synopsis: Prepare for unexpected twists and turns as horror, porn and social commentary merge together to create an adult movie like no other. Sally Fenaux Barleycorn is back on XConfessions with a genre-defying movie, inspired by Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Borrowing tones and archetypes from scary movies and using them as a framework for an undeniably sexy adult film, you will step into a pandora's box of freedom, resistance and sacrifice. Who really has the power to free themselves in this society? You won't be disappointed by this. - Via XConfessions.com
Lilith's Notes: The entire premise instantly grabbed me.

"Love is one thing, sex is different."

Finally, we have Blinded Date, which, when I saw the trailer for this I was absolutely intrigued. I have a thing for masks so the idea of a completely faceless lover is, well, let’s say my interest was piqued.

Elena and Kwame (played by Jane Jones and Malcolm McCarthy) are on a blind date. Kwame learns that Elena is an author of erotic stories, and she clarifies that love and sex are two different things. Sometimes a person just wants no-strings-attached sex. A waiter with no face (played by Sylvan) comes to the table and Kwame tells Elana to take the faceless man’s hand and wish for something.

She leaves the table and finds the faceless man alone and they fuck.

Ok, so. First of all. The effects in this are very good. It’s nearly impossible to see the edges on the mask. The make up is top notch. Excellent job.

The sex is great. It’s passionate, but real. It’s not over the top and stylized and porny. It was perfect.

This short had me.

And then… the final act happens.

I’m not going to tell you what happens, you absolutely should watch this short. However, it completely changes the message of the film. What appeared at first to be a celebration of mature, anonymous sex transforms into… I’m not sure. A condemnation of sex trafficking, I think? Or maybe sex addiction?

This film was brought to us by Sally Fenaux Barleycorn, who loves to make porno with a purpose. She brought us A Road to Conquer and The Wedding, so it’s no surprise she came up with such a high-concept scenario. I can say that, despite my confusion at the ending, this is probably her most fleshed out story.

I don’t know, the final scene just sort of over-explains the situation in an unclear way. This movie had me, I was here for this faceless ride, but then it just kept talking.

You had no mouth, must you scream?

Best Moment: Faceless sex!

Worst Moment: The over-explaining of the reveal at the end.


I hope the rest of spooky month is good to you, and I hope you find your own creepy kinks satiated, whether watching, or participating.
Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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