Vampire Sisters - Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022

Title: Vampire Sisters
Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Ariel X
Director: Maria Beatty
Synopsis: Anastasia brings all of her vampire survival techniques to revive her dying sister, such as deep tongue kissing, sensual body exploration (drenched with latex fetish), face slapping, fierce nipple and breast play, masturbation, and ravenous neck biting leading up to the blood thirsty sucking scene.
What follows are spanking rituals, flogging, cropping and wax play with extreme doses of succulent orgasmic climaxes! Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X's lust for each other is eternal. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Every Halloween needs lesbian vampire sisters!

"We are the same perverted blood."

Ahh, Maria Beatty, we meet your artistic flair again!

We first encountered Beatty’s with the inscrutable The Black Widow and her flair for artistic performance hasn’t lessened since then.

This short film is about new vampire ladies, (Played by Anastasia Pierce and Ariel X) kiss and suck blood and fuck.

The one vampiress approaches a young woman in a cage and seduces her, and teases her body with touch and kisses. Finally, she then bites the caged woman, and drinks her blood. As she drinks, a fragile tear balances in the corner of the fledgeling vampire’s eye.

This scene is big on focus and texture. It admires, in extreme closeups, the goosebumps on the skin, the shine of latex and vinyl, the contrast of the blood on flesh.

Then, the fledgeling is placed on her knees to have her body awakened to the new delights of being a vampire through the magic of bare bottom spanking. But the entire show jumps several intriguing notes when the mistress puts on some textured gloves and starts touching the fledgling everywhere on her body. She cat-paws and pitta-pats her hands all along the fledgeling while the new vampiress breathes and poses. It was striking. It was something I personally hadn’t seen before and I found it positively fascinating. The scene should have lasted longer than it did.

After that, she is flogged, then hit with a riding crop. The whole experience was oddly soothing to watch. The rhythm of the sound of the floggers hitting her skin, the way they whooshed through the air, the grace with which the mistress wielded them. It was just mellow and satisfying. The new vampire’s body rocked and curled to the whims of the flogger, reaching out for more. The whole moment just constantly moved and it was very nice.

Then, she is spotted with candle wax and, while I generally like the idea of candle wax being dripped onto a body, the performer was too wiggly and vocal. It felt too much like a performance.

Finally at the end, the transformation is complete and they can be together forever. They fuck.

As far as Beatty films go I think possibly this is the easiest to follow. The story is clear and not too abstract or metaphorical, the ladies are great to look at and perform well and, more often than not, the set pieces are extremely satisfying.

The entire production is washed over with a sepia pink that reminded me of 60s porn loops and maybe sort of softened contrast between certain colours at times. Especially when there is an extreme closeup of a breast. The pink makes it hard to tell where the nipple stops. When everything is nipple, then nothing is nipple.

But that one questionable artistic choice aside, this entire film plays very well.

Best Moment: The textured gloves.

Worst Moment:The extreme closeups in the opening. It somehow decontextualizes things.


Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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