Lilith Likes to Watch Halloween Trick & Treat 2022 Double Feature!

For this, the final review for Halloween Trick & Treat 2022, I have decided to explore two XConfession shorts. Both are artsy and naughty, and while neither are my personal kink, they’re both quite intriguing. We begin with…

Title: Can Vampires Smell My Period?
Starring: Misha Cross, Parker Marx
Director: Erika Lust
Synopsis: Have you ever wondered what would happen if a vampire could smell your period? Would they get hungry for your blood... or horny? Misha Cross and Parker Marx show you exactly what would happen in this period sex teenage vampire fantasy. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Not for those who are troubled by blood.

"See you in 28 nights."

Can Vampires Smell My Period? The screen is black, with deep blue text that asks two questions… Can vampires smell a woman’s period and if so, does it make them hungry, or horny?

Let’s be honest, most people who have ever mensturated have probably have asked these questions at one point or another in their lives. I know it was a much discussed topic among my friends group.

It’s late at night and in a lonely apartment, a single lady (Played by Misha Cross) draws a bath. It’s her time of the month and a single drop of blood slides down her inner thigh and drops into the bathwater, dispersing into a webby red cloud. The entire scene is colour corrected to make everything slightly blue, except the blood so it’s a strong contrast.

Everything is stylized, from a lovely modern tub to a casket-like skylight that shows a cloudy moonscape. From the skylight a curious vampire (Played by Parker Marx) watches the lady bathe. She thinks she sees something, but he retreats.

Freshly bathed, she masturbates on her bed. There is blood, of course, and if the idea of this makes you squeamish then this is not the porno for you. Like I said, it’s not my thing, but my curiosity was at least piqued.

The performer is certainly not disturbed and seems to be enjoying herself. I have heard it be said that some people, while on their period, actually become highly aroused and maybe there’s some credence to that. I honestly have no idea.

She masturbates herself to sleep.

She awakens to a man looming over her. He is stoic, and I’m going to be honest, he’s more Edward Cullen than Count Dracula. Actually, now that I think about it, he reminds me of Stefan from The Vampire Diaries, so if that’s your thing, enjoy.

Without a word, she instinctively knows what he wants and she offers her neck to him. With tentative breaths and needy lip bites she anticipates the feel of his fangs through her flesh, but that’s not what he wants.

He trails his way down his body until he’s eating her out. She watches, confused, perhaps a little disgusted, but intrigued.

He feasts on her menses with fervor, rolling and licking his tongue against her until she climaxes. When he’s had his fill he looks up at her from between her thighs, eyes dark and smouldering, mouth messy and red.

She wakes with messy sheets and a note on her pillow that reads “See you in 28 nights.”

Girl, he only wants one thing from you.

Let’s presume for a moment that the viewer is not grossed out by blood or menstruation, we’re all adults here and period sex happens. What we’re left with is a simple but stylish and sexy tale that everyone’s always wanted to know the answer to but precious few are brave enough to explore, let alone put it out into the world for others to experience. The performances are good, for what little they need to do, and the whole thing felt natural.

I absolutely recommend this to those who are maybe tired of penetrative sex, and those who enjoy, perhapse first-time narratives and female pleasure. Or those who are into bloodplay, or vampire role play.

Best Moment: Fuck it, I’ll say it. The shot of him all bloody-jawed and smouldering. It’s what a girl wants, okay?

Worst Moment: It’s a little vague whether or not she actually orgasmed from his attention. I’m 95 percent sure she did, but really it feels more implied than anything.


Moving now from one end of the paranormal spectrum to the other, we leave the very tactile world of vampires, and venture into the metaphysical realm of ghosts.

Title: Spectrophilia
Starring: Dido Wend, Amber Nevada
Director: Erika Lust
Synopsis: Supernatural fucking: sex with ghosts is a big taboo, and yet one of the most widespread myths in cultures around the world. This short begins with a thrilling solo by Dido Wend summoning a spirit (Amber Nevada) who appears craving for sex... Based on a poem about gothic erotica, Spectrophilia is one of the most arthouse films in the XConfessions collection. - Via
Lilith's Notes: Perfect. No Notes.

"Come to me, now."

Ghost romance fiction is a thing, and I’m aware of it, but I’ve never felt the need to explore it. They’re in love with a ghost. When I was a kid there was this TV movie called The Haunted, where a family is terrorized by ghosts and demons. The movie contains an actual sexual-assualt-by-way-of-ghost scene and I think it’s possible that it ruined me for ghost romance. I just can’t really find it tantalizing. I either picture whispering sheets, or purposefully ugly figures non-consensually humping, or people from Victorian eras just eerily standing in stairwells.

But, when you really think about it, ghost sex is everywhere. Ray gets a blowjob from a ghost in Ghostbusters, Beetlegeuse wants to get up into everybody’s guts in Beetlejuice. Sex-themed sacrelige in The Exorcist. The creepy yet somehow sensual promises of Candyman. The entire premise of the movie Ghost

Spectrophilia is the tale of two women in love (Played by Amber Nevada and Dido Wend). In a black and white scene emulating classic horror films, a witch casts a spell, sheds her dress, and oils up her body while chanting an incantation. She caresses her own body as she calls forth an entity.

Moments later, a naked, non-corporeal ghost lady(Played by Amber Wend) crawls into the room and materializes into solid form. The pair have sex.

It’s full of smiles and tender touching, of bright eyes and solid eye contact. For what is fairly standard lesbian sex, the pair have rampant chemestry and looks good together.

On occasion the spirit woman will be seen in double exposure to remind the viewer that she is otherworldly, she doesn’t belong here, and she cannot remain.

There’s nice use of shadows and light, and the performer’s bodies pose well, reminiscent of statues, really.

They finished, hugging one another close, and smattering kisses onto one another. The ghost sleeps. The witch gets up off the couch, watches her lover sleep soundly a moment, and then walks off and fades away.

I guess this is a story where not everything is spelled out. I believe the witch traded her life for the life of her lover. She sacrificed herself so her girlfriend could live on. Romantic!

Again, kind of standard but teeming with chemistry. There’s not a lot to say here but it was very hot. Sometimes porn is just hot, okay?

Best Moment: The chemestry between the two performers make the whole exhibition scorching hot.

Worst Moment: Honestly I can't think of anything.


There we have it. Two sexy supernatural offerings to close the month out. It’s good to round off Halloween Trick & Treat with gluttony!
Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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