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Title: Various Owen Gray films
Starring:Owen Gray, Vex Ashley, Mickey Mod, Amarna Miller, Erika Lust, Lina Bimbe, Daisy Vataa, Victoria Vaar and Sylvia Ruby
Director: Erika Lust
Synopsis: Various Owen Gray films. Sometimes Owen is a nature god, sometimes he's a dom, sometimes he's a chef.
Lilith's Notes: We're doing things a little different this month.

Can you believe that Lilith Likes to Watch is four years old? We’ve been doing this for almost half a decade and have watched over one hundred offers of adult entertainment and pornographic pleasures.

For this very special month, I decided to look inward, and self-reflect. What have I learned that I didn’t know before? What awakened within? We all know Lilith likes to watch, but what does Lilith like?

So, we begin this month with an easy bet. Lilith likes…

Owen Gray.

The first time I saw Owen Gray was in the Angela White and Maitland Ward vehicle Drive. Back then, I didn’t realize know who I was looking at mostly because Brooklyn Gray had stolen the scene. Also, Small Hands was there.

Eventually, and I don’t know when or how it happened, I realized that Owen Gray looks like something that would live in my head. I’m a fiction writer. I have characters in my head. They have a look. When you write erotic fiction, you create things you find pleasing. Thus…

Look, we all have a type. I’ve always liked skinny goth guys, it’s just something inherent within me. Throw in questionable scars, big dark eyes and a calming voice and you have my attention.

So, this week, I watched four scenes featuring Owen Gray in a variety of scenarios.

To start, because the title intrigued me, we have…


"This is my will so let it be"

In June 1772, A witch (Played by Vex Ashley) sets out bones, herbs and feathers while she recites an incantation. She drinks a potion and ventures into the woods, to call forth the object of her desire, a nature spirit. He appears, naked, and they fuck in the woods for fifteen minutes.

It’s hot, and fun, and reminded me of that sidequest in The Witcher 3 where you have a picnic with a witch.

Some time Later, the witch calls for the forest god again and he appears, wearing a fur jacket. She hands him the bundle in her arms, which she says is their son, and she heads off to enjoy a “witch convention”. Forest god Owen is stuck holding a baby.

It’s not a necessary ending, but I could see how it’s there for either comedy reasons, or to appeal to the sort of people who gush over the visual of a man being a caretaker of an infant. That’s a thing. It’s not my thing, but it’s certainly a thing.

Short, sweet, sexy, mildly cheeky. Fun props and sets and settings, the costumes were creative. It’s worth one’s time.



"It was psycho, but sweet. But psycho."

Mickey Mod and Amarna Miller go up to a vacation home, but the owners are still sticking around. Owen Gray is grilling wearing nothing but a denim BBQ apron and Vex Ashley is a flirt.

After a hearty meal, one thing leads to another and the four of them have a foursome by the pool.

If you’ve read any of the previous four years worth of posts in this blog, you know I can be critical of moresomes. Often, a participant is neglected or simply the third, fourth or fifth wheel. Here, the action is constantly moving, changing. It’s in an eternal state of transition. It’s fluid and pleasant. It’s not rough or degrading and everyone appears to be having a good time.

The continuous swapping and shifting results in a few really fun blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shots. One is of the two ladies kissing while each guy takes them, and another is just a nice symmetrical pose with the women on their backs. It was pretty.

At one point, Owen removes Vex’s necklace and somehow it just came across as very sweet and gentle.

Mickey Mod is a welcome participant in this scene. He brings presence and charisma and he’s fun to look at, too.

Unfortunately with the title I was expecting more of a plot. Like maybe in the end Mickey and Amarna learn the BBQ was made out of human meat or something. But no, it ends with the visiting couple leaving a review, saying the hosts were sweet, but psycho, but sweet.


"You can show me how strong you are, by submitting to me."

Five women (Erika Lust, Lina Bimbe, Daisy Vataa, Victoria Vaar and Sylvia Ruby) address the camera and pontificate in a straight-forward manner the nuances of identifying as both a feminist and a submissive.

Then, we cut to a stark black set with a bed on which Lina and Owen are sitting. They discuss their limits and their desires, because Lina is going to be submissive to Owen today.

A few months ago I made a semi-joking tweet about how Owen Gray seems to be very…attentive to his partner. And, yeah? He’s all about someone’s general presence and the moment and comfort level. He’s into eye contact, and toys and connection, which is cool and very enjoyable to watch.

Basically, when cuddly, silly tattoo’d Tommy Pistol wants someone to stick a finger in his piss-hole, creepy-scars, emaciated Owen Gray offers to hold the hitachi for you.

So that’s fun.

Owen is very considerate of Lina’s desires. He gives her exactly what she asks for, in his own time. It’s cozy domination, which, to me, is fairly novel. I like it.

After the scene, the five women engage in a round-table discussion about being both a feminist and submissive. It feels like an important conversation. If BDSM is something you’re curious about and want to explore, or you yourself are having difficulty coming to terms with wanting to be submissive while also identifying as a feminist, this might be a very good watch for you. At the very least, it’s a good place to start.



"I was completely focused on her."

For the coup de gras we have I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray, which, I mean, way to call a girl out. I joke, but really this was the only possible way to round out this review, wasn’t it? It’s a good companion piece to Feminist and Submissive because Owen talks more about himself, so the two scenes provide a fuller picture of who he is and how he works. Cintia Shapiro is obsessed with a porn actor, and that porn actor is Owen Gray. They get together on a set and all of Cintia’s sexy dreams come true when they fuck.

The tricky thing about this one is that half of it was in Spanish, a language I do not know, and no subtitles were provided. But, then again, obsession transcends language and porn is the universal vocabulary so it was fine.

Speaking of sounds, I’d just like to point out that in two of these features, Owen was wearing leather boots that do that leather crunch sound I love, so that was a nice treat.

What could be said about this? I feel such dream-come-true situations are so rare and Cintia’s a lucky girl. I don’t say that out of envy, just that lately the world has been such a shitty place it’s nice to see that someone, somewhere, is making someone else’s life better in some small way.


I suppose now is as good time as any to point out that this week’s post also doubles as Lilith Likes Erika Lust Films and XConfession because everything here is made by Lust Films in one way or another. Always stylish and attentive and inclusive, with a wide range of kinks, Lust is a pioneer of ethical, beautiful porn and you should subscribe.

Best Moment: The whole Cozy Dominate thing.

Worst Moment: I Put a Pagan Spell On You was too short.

Until next time, my voracious voyeurs. I’m Lilith, and I’m always watching.

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